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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

While PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is already a pretty fantastic game, the developer continues to introduce new features into the 100-person free-for-all. With the latest update, several key features have been plugged into the game, including the highly requested ability to vault and climb over objects.

If you find it hard to believe that things like climbing and vaulting are only just now coming to PUBG, it's important to remember that the game is still in early access. That's why it has been such an interesting success story to watch unfold; a game pulling in millions of paying users despite the fact it hasn't officially launched yet.

Said launch is expected to occur on PC and the Xbox One later this year, so we figure these types of tweaks are remaining items on the team's wish list before calling the game "complete." They'll obviously continue to add to the game in the years to come, but it's probably best if they nail down all of the little things before going live with a full retail release.

Climbing can be a tricky thing to pin down in these types of games, but there are few things more frustrating than coming up to a chest-high obstacle and being forced to go around it. This can also be a pain when you're trying to track down or hide from another player.

To that end, a recent PUBG blog post has announced that short objects will no longer be the impenetrable barriers they used to be. Players will not be able to quickly leap over or climb onto certain objects, allowing strategies to become a bit more complete. According to the update, almost any in-game feature that's about 2.3 meters in height can be scaled. Shorter objects can be scaled with a weapon in hand while taller objects will require your avatar to automatically holster their weapon.

As for vaulting, it's simply a way to quickly move over shorter barriers without slowing you down. Even better, players can now climb into windows so long as they are big enough to fit an avatar, meaning enemies can come from more directions than ever when you're searching through a house for loot.

Additional small changes have been made in the latest update to PUBG, including some client and server optimization, tweaks to vehicle driving and a ballistics overhaul. Again, these all feel like small housekeeping adjustments that hopefully means the game is getting closer to an official launch.

The post concludes stating that additional information on more substantial matters will be coming in the next couple of weeks, so we're looking forward to hearing what else the PUBG team has to say.

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