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Kratos and his son are back in action thanks to Paris Games Week, where Sony placed the latest trailer for the new God of War front and center during its media showcase event. Once again, Sony Santa Monica has proven that Atreus will be far more than a glorified escort mission when he joins dear-ole dad on this latest journey.

Over the past year or so, various members of the Sony Santa Monica team have made it a point to state that Kratos' son won't be getting in the way of the player. It turns out Atreus will play more like Ellie from The Last of Us or Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite; always there in the background to help progress the story and provide help along the way.

This is evident once again in the latest God of War trailer shown off during Paris Games Week 2017. The video's description states that the intent was to show the "intensity, strategy and an emotional combat connection" between Kratos and his young'un, and it achieves exactly that.

In the trailer's opening moments, Atreus shares some important information with Kratos. As a reminder, the Greek god does not speak the language of the region or know all of its lore, topics Kratos' son is well versed in. He'll be a wealth of information throughout the game, guiding Kratos in ways we've never seen in the storied series.

We also get a look at the new, more composed Kratos. Rather than simply attack a giant monster in the trailer's opening moments, he listens to what his son has to say and realizes that, as far as they can tell, the creature is peaceful. In the previous games, Kratos would be trying to yank the thing's arms off in the amount of time it takes Atreus to provide some helpful information.

Better yet is how Atreus comes into play in combat. Once a fight breaks out, we learn that he'll occasionally shout helpful information at his father. We already knew that the boy can be called on to fire arrows at enemies in the midst of combat, but it's nice to know he'll be even more helpful with some pertinent information along the way. He shouts "to your left" and, sure enough, there are some baddies approaching from that direction. When he yells "look out behind you," it's because another brute is trying to get the drop on Kratos.

God of War games have always been somewhat lonely experiences. Kratos is terrible at making new friends and, even when he finds someone to chat with, they usually end up slain by a monster -- or Kratos himself -- in short order. It'll certainly be interesting having a companion along for the ride this time around, one that's doing as much teaching as he is learning.

What's super surprising here is that this latest trailer for God of War is still pretty short, but the game is still slated for an early 2018 launch date. Here's hoping we get a more precise release window before too long.