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Destiny 2

Bungie took the servers down for Destiny 2 today for about three hours in order to perform maintenance and issue some hotfixes for patch 1.0.6 to help improve the game in some key areas. Here's some of the things they added to the game in order to address some longstanding issues that gamers had.

Over on the Destiny sub-Reddit, Bungie made a post detailing what they addressed during the server downtime while the team performed maintenance and also brushed up some of the backend issues.

The most important hotfix actually comes in the form of an issue centering around performance degradation. Apparently, PC gamers would notice that Destiny 2 would slowly begin to perform worse and worse over time. The patch notes don't say if the performance degradation eventually led to the game locking up or no longer working, but now that the issue is fixed, PC gamers shouldn't have to worry about it anymore.

Another minor issues was also fixed specifically for the PC version as well, where the clan rosters would not show up properly.

And, speaking of things not showing up properly... another weird bug in Destiny 2 was that players would enter into a public space and it would be completely empty during the free roam areas. It's probably a scary bug knowing that the area is supposed to be populated with activity but there's just nothing there... no enemies, no players, no NPCs... nothing. This Omega Man-style glitch has been fixed, so you'll no longer enter into a free roam area feeling like the last Guardian on Earth.

Another more sinister glitch was found and fixed, which ejected players into orbit. I have no idea how that worked exactly because Bungie doesn't explain where it was happening, but it would be pretty funny if it was during the transitional screens -- you're flying toward a planet only to get ejected into space. I'm not sure where this glitch was taking place exactly, but there aren't too many places where you can fly into orbit, except for maybe the final segment during the fight against Dominus Ghaul.

Bungie wasn't just on bug squashing duty for the Destiny 2 maintenance. The hotfix also makes some gameplay adjustments as well, including Faction Tokens being rewarded to players who complete Strikes. You'll earn anywhere anywhere between five and nine tokens per Strike completion as opposed to earning only three to seven.

You'll also be able to acquire 10 to 18 Faction Tokens when you first complete a Nightfall event. And completing Heroic public events have reduced Faction Tokens from eight down to just five. Bungie also removed the ability to receive Faction Tokens from destroying enemy resources, but you do gain three Faction Tokens by opening chests in the Lost Sector.

While a lot of gamers were disappointed with the maintenance causing the game to become inaccessible during the middle of the afternoon, the maintenance for Destiny 2 was only three hours long, so it wasn't all that bad. You shouldn't have troubles accessing the game at this point.

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