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How Overwatch Is Trying To Improve Watching Esports

Blizzard is prepping to get the Overwatch eSports league underway and that means troubleshooting the mechanics to make sure that the viewing experience is up to par and also ensuring that the game will be spectator-ready when the time comes. And, the company has a video that explains the process:

The video is just over four minutes long and was posted over on the Play Overwatch YouTube channel, where a number of Blizzard's developers talk about the changes being made for the game, including the team uniforms being specifically designed to have color coordinated clarity. This means when U.K., teams are going against U.S., teams, you can very distinctly and very easily tell one team from the other.

We get to see a few of the colors for the characters for the Overwatch World Cup, which featured Australia, Canada, U.K., South Korea, France, and China.

There's also an overhaul to the entire game's special effects and UI, enabling gamers to see the game in almost every aspect as a representation of the teams playing the game. The special effects and art team overhauled the skill effects, skins, and even the special moves.

Another big feature that was highly requested by the eSports community was instant replays. A lot of times some big time kills will take place and some amazing plays will be executed but it's hard to see what's going on. Well, the instant replays will allow spectators to quickly dive back into a crazy play by checking out the replay.

Not only can you rewatch the event but you can change any angle and even slow down time to pause it. Additionally, some eSports fans have noted that it's tough to follow the action in Overwatch because the first-person view and rather limited field of view restricts players from properly watching the action, especially when characters like Tracer or Genji are moving swiftly around the battlefield.

This also ties into the new top-down map for teams. It shows both sides and where they are on the map and where they're engaged with one another in combat. It's designed to help eSports broadcasters have an idea of where each player is as well as give viewers an idea of what sort of team strategies they're about to see.

Player stats are also going to be available across multiple matches, so you can view the statistics over the course of several games.

In the video Blizzard's team makes it known that the changes being made and the features being added aren't done. This is just the first wave of content and upgrades being added to Overwatch to improve the overall viewability and playability of the game leading into the big 2018 eSports season. So expect newer and better changes to come along as the game continues to receive updates.

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