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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds May Be Adding A New Map

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds New Map
(Image credit: Bluehole Studio)

Bluehole Studios may be working on a new MMORPG and prepping to port PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to home console, but the game could be receiving a new update in the form of a brand new map to traverse.

Dataminers spotted the mini-map for a new desert map from the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegerounds 1.0 PTR. The information was then posted over on Reddit by user bizzfarts, who managed to capture an image of the map that's currently in development.

The map includes nearly 20 locations for players to visit and each has a placeholder name like "Crater Alpha," "Dirtbag" and "Murderland." The names likely relate to the kind of location that the area caters toward, such as the "Crater Alpha" -- based on the topography of the map -- is literally a giant mountainous crater in the ground. More specifically, it looks like two giant craters based on the image.

The other areas, such as "Murderland" could be a theme park location of sorts? But it's tough to tell. Most interesting are the locations at the northeast corner of the map, such as the area marked "Wasteland," which looks like it could be a chemical plant based on the giant cylindrical markings on the map.

Another location, the "Cartel Mansion" seems to speak for itself, but the "Military Base" looks like it could prove to be fun given all the houses and areas to explore. There's also a "Prison" at the very bottom southwest quadrant of the map on a small island that can be reached from two different bridges. It definitely looks like the prison could be mirrored after Alcatraz given that the topography reveals it's on an elevated cliff side while surrounded by a lot of water.

The most interesting location on the new map for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is most certainly the spot marked "Zombie." I'm not even really sure what the location is given that the mini-map shows a lot of yellow dots that appear to be buildings, but it's impossible to tell if it's a town, a village, a trailer park, or something else. The fact that it's called "Zombie" definitely makes it seem very interesting as a location. I do wonder if this means Bluehole will be adding zombie NPCs to the fold? If so, it would pretty much be like DayZ or H1Z1.

Alongside the inclusion of the new map that dataminers picked out of the test version of 1.0, Gamespot is reporting that the game will also receive a new weapon and three new vehicles, including a jet ski to get around the waterways, a mini-bus for large squads, and a pickup truck.

Version 1.0 of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will supposedly introduce some much-requested new features, including an overhauled ballistics system, the ability to climb up objects, and the ability to vault over objects. So it really is becoming very much like what DayZ was supposed to be.

The game is currently available right now and has sold millions of copies already, and it's scheduled to release on the Xbox One this December.

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