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Rare's new multiplayer adventure game, Sea of Thieves, received a bizarre new trailer that parodies a cult classic film called Trainspotting. The trailer is only a minute and a half long but it definitely aims to try something new when it comes to getting gamers geeked about its eventual release on the Xbox One and PC.

The trailer starts almost identical to the original 1996 trailer for Danny Boyle's Trainspotting. A thick accent from the narrator tells gamers to "Be more!" adding a variety of superlatives at the end to get gamers geeked for the pirate-themed adventure.

We see where players hop down and ambush their opponents on a bridge. There's a clip where one player is fired out of a cannon towards a ship lobbing projectiles at him, while he soars through the air.

We see a clip of a group of players huddled about a fire on the beach, while they socialize and presumably plan out their next big heist. Later on the trailer hints about the game's treasure hunting, along with the possibility of being betrayed by a teammate who might kill their partners and keep the gold for themselves. We get to see some ship-on-ship naval combat, some of the destruction, some of the damned souls on the ferry of the dead, and some of the raging tempests that players will have to navigate with expert skills on the helm.

The trailer obviously mirrors the likes of the two minute trailer for Trainspotting. However the Sea of Thieves trailer takes a decidedly different direction insofar that it's no where near as sporadic or schizophrenic as the trailer for Danny Boyle's film, but the theme of the trailer is obviously based on the cult classic.

Rare did a fine job of managing to combine the bizarre nature of the Trainspotting trailer's editing and music, by streamlining in the features and gameplay of Sea of Thieves into the clips to help give gamers a clear idea of what to expect. It was a risky venture, but it seems like it paid off in this case because a lot of the gamers in the comment thread actually spotted the references to the off-kilter film.

The other thing a lot of gamers were asking about was the release date, which is still MIA so far. Microsoft and Rare have been working and slaving away at the game but we still don't have a solid release date in sight.

The trailer unfortunately rounds out without a release date in sight, but it does reveal that the game will be 4K-ready and will have HDR support for the Xbox One X version of the game.

Hopefully Sea of Thieves actually launches unlike Fable Legends or Scalebound. You'll have to keep an eye out on the official website to find out when a release date will be revealed.