A knight perishes in Demon's Souls

It seems fitting that the Demon's Souls servers have nearly died multiple times, only to be kept alive and kicking for nearly a decade. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and, this time around, it sounds like the servers will actually come down for good. You've got until Feb. 28 to enjoy the online features for a game that basically started a genre.

For a game that has zero qualms killing off players time and time again, it seemed like nothing would be able to actually bring down the Demon's Souls servers. The first game in the Souls series, this particular title flew well under the radar for quite a while. It gained a loyal following, though, with word of mouth helping spread the love for a series that was all about being brutally difficult.

Then came Dark Souls and, with it, a massive following. People enjoyed Dark Souls so much they started to seek out Demon's Souls, giving the game's online community new life. Based on a recent tweet, however, it appears that the killing blow is finally being readied.

We hate to see the Demon's Souls servers go, but it isn't like the lights weren't kept on far longer than expected. Originally set to go offline a couple of years after the game launched, it was announced back in 2011 that the online fun would continue for at least another year.

When the time came for the plug to finally be pulled, fan support convinced the publisher once again to keep things moving right along. In other words, it sounds like the road is finally coming to a close for Demon's Souls, but we're not believing anything until Feb. 28 arrives and it actually happens.

Back when Demon's Souls first hit the scene, the way it implemented multiplayer features was revolutionary. Players could see the ghosts of other players who had recently died, leave messages to guide each other, and make in-game choices that actually effected the overall game world. Honestly, I'm still baffled that more games haven't tried to ape these nifty interactions.

While the game will be going offline, some of those features are kinda-sorta replicated in the game world whether it's online or not. Demon's Souls can still be played just fine without servers, it's just a less magical experience.

Still, if you yearn for that kind of gameplay, there are three Dark Souls games still up and running, and Bloodborne, so you've got some options.

It's at least nice that we're being informed of the impending closure a few months in advance. That's time enough for newcomers to dive in for the first time and old hands to experience Demon's Souls in its "true form" one final time.

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