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The final episode for the prequel to Dontnod's original Life is Strange is gearing up for release, and according to the developers at Deck Nine, Life is Strange: Before The Storm's final episode of the season will have a global launch this time around.

The times for the launch were rolled out via the official Life is Strange Twitter account. There's a complete list of the simultaneous launch time for each of the regions and when the game can be expected to become accessible for the Xbox One, PS4 and on PC within the December 20th launch window.

So the exact times are as follows:

9:00am PST -- December 19th

12:00 noon EST -- December 19th

5:00pm GMT (UTC) -- December 19th

6:00pm CET -- December 19th

8:00pm MSK -- December 19th

4:00am AEDT -- December 20th

Basically, the game will be available either in the morning or afternoon for most gamers. Some will have to wait until dusk to get their hands on the third and final episode in Life is Strange: Before The Storm, while a few others will have to wait until evening to get in on the action, and a few more will have to wait until wee hours of the morning before being able to access it on home consoles or PC.

As mentioned in the tweet, this is a very different approach to the global launch of Life is Strange, which usually has a scattered or rolling release across regions. Typically, games release first in North and South America on a Tuesday, and then it's followed by European releases on a Friday. Depending on the studio and the game, the Eurasia release oftentimes arrives either that same Friday or that following Monday or Tuesday.

In this case, Deck Nine and Square Enix were able to secure a singular release date for the third episode of Life is Strange: Before The Storm for all home consoles and all regions.

The episode will wrap up the events that took place involving Rachel Amber and Chloe before the tragic events that transpired in the original Life is Strange. And even though this third episode is going to be the final episode of the season, it won't be the final episode for Life is Strange.

The developers managed to bring back Ashly Burch to reprise her role as Chloe once again. However, the special bonus episode is a pre-prequel. Yes, it's another prequel that takes place before the events of Life is Strange: Before The Storm. So you can find out a bit more about Chloe and Max's relationship before Max moved away. The special episode will be available for those who purchased the deluxe edition, while any and everyone will be able to grab the third episode starting next week, on December 19th .

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