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Now that Square Enix and Deck Nine are wrapping up the three-part episodic series of the Life Is Strange prequel known as Before The Storm, gamers will be able to see how the full story unfolds on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. To get gamers prepared for that adventure there's a new recap trailer to help catch you up on events.

The trailer starts with a series of clips showing the tumultuous life of Chloe Price. She's a hot-head, used to starting trouble, always in trouble, and oftentimes found screwing things up. The trailer, however, turns Chloe's situation upside down by showcasing how Rachel Amber entering into her life helped bring some sort of balance to all of the crazy things that have been happening.

In Life In Strange: Before The Storm we see how Rachel and Chloe get close, and decide to leave Arcadia Bay. The trailer combines the events from the first and second episode to help contextualize the budding relationship between the two teenagers.

The trailer then goes back into the tornado of chaos, as Chloe and Rachel attempt to navigate a chorus of carnage that comes their way. The trailer doesn't necessarily recap the events in a chronological way so as to avoid spoiling any of the major reveals that take place throughout the episodes.

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There are two big things that happen in the game that change how Rachel sees her parents and how Chloe sees Rachel. These events have chain reactions that players have to navigate with a certain level of caution. For instance, certain actions that the duo take can end up leading to Chloe being expelled from Blackwell Academy. In order to keep Chloe in the school a certain level of careful decision making is required to help her get through the litany of obstacles that would otherwise spell certain doom for her future at the school.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm also throws in a small hint of the supernatural elements that also helped define the original Life Is Strange by Dontnod Entertainment. At the end of the first episode there's a raging fire that takes place, and it persists throughout the series as an ominous backdrop to the events unfolding with the characters and their own personal problems.

It will be interesting to see how the whole fire ordeal is resolved in the third episode or if it gets resolved at all. For those of you who played the original Life Is Strange you might remember that the tornado that wrecked Arcadia Bay didn't exactly have the happiest of endings and it most certainly left everybody worse off than when it all began. Of course, we know that things can't get too bad because the beginning of the first episode of the original game saw Arcade Bay relatively intact, so the third episode of Before The Storm should bring some sense of closure to missing pieces of the puzzle now that it's out and available on the web store for home consoles and PC.

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