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Psychonauts 2 Has Been Delayed

Raz, from Psychonauts.

Quick, what's your most anticipated game of 2018? If you were about to say "Psychonauts 2," I've got some bad news for you. The crowdfunded game's campaign page was recently updated with a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes details, one of which is that the game is no longer slated to arrive in the next 12 months.

Some would argue that a game being delayed in this day and age isn't exactly "news." Still, it's good to keep track of these kinds of things just so folks can adjust their expectations. If you don't recall, Psychonauts 2 was successfully crowdfunded quite a while back through Fig, a service that lets participants take on more of an investment role than that of a donor. More recently, the game nailed down a publisher.

The Fig campaign closed out with more than 24,000 backers contributing more than $3.8 million, with the whole shebang wrapping up back in early 2016. Two years later and we're still waiting for the highly anticipated follow-up to Psychonauts, which was originally projected to arrive sometime in the coming year.

One of the tags on the game's most recent Fig update is all about production, where the team lays everything out on the line. Their reasons are pretty much a cut and paste of every delay notice we've seen up to this point, explaining that they simply want to make the best game possible. If that sounded snarky it wasn't meant to. I fully support developers taking the time they need to make a good game. It's just starting to feel a bit like déjà vu, is all. The announcement came with an update about the game's progress, which reads:

We love the game we're making and we want to make sure that Psychonauts 2 is something you'll love too --- a game that carries on the legacy of Psychonauts in a meaningful and special way. We're making great progress, but we want to make sure the game has the time it needs to shine.

Over the past couple of years, Double Fine has been wrapping up other projects, including taking the time to bring out a pretty spiffy VR game set in the world of Psychonauts and bridging the two mainline games. We appreciate a lot of pre-production has to go into these projects, but it seems a little weird that Double Fine states they are only just now moving into "full production mode."

Either way, we suppose that means all hands are finally on deck and focused on the crowdfunded game. They apparently have five teams working on the game's levels, as well as an extra gameplay team building puzzles, tuning powers and making sure combat feels good.

It was this shift in production that apparently let Double Fine know they weren't going to hit that 2018 goal. They've gotten a better idea of the scope, and apparently it's shaping up bigger than originally anticipated.

Here's hoping that Psychonauts 2 proves to be worth the wait.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.