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Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft is going a completely different route with its latest endeavor called Sam. No, it's not a new project based on Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, even though I'm sure a bunch of gamers would probably prefer that it was. Instead, Sam is a digital assistant that helps make you better at games.

What does Sam do? Well, it's a program that studies your gaming library, profile, and habits and offers you useful tips and advice for improving your game.

So, how exactly does Sam improve your gaming capabilities? Well, it links up to your Uplay account, also known as a Ubisoft account. Anyone who has played a Ubisoft game on PC will automatically have one of these accounts, since you're unable to play Ubisoft games without a Uplay account. Every time you log in and play certain titles, such as Rainbow Six: Siege, the app will analyze the data of your play-style and gaming habits. If you happen to be struggling in the game and not doing very well, it's explained in the press release that Sam will actively seek out a video tip from the community to help aid you in improving your game.

There will, apparently, be more ways for Sam to help gamers improve their gaming skills and abilities, but those features aren't implemented yet since the app is still in beta. However, Ubisoft has plans on upgrading the service features in the coming months.

The app is currently in the beta testing phase right now, enabling gamers to play-test with the app and see if it's something that will suit their liking. The beta is available only in select regions, including North America, and it's only available in English. However, Ubisoft notes that the app will be available in additional regions at a later time.

According to the press release, Sam utilizes Google's cloud Diagflow Enterprise Edition in order to search out and customize the application experience and tailor it to each user. This won't just be for multiplayer competitive games, and helping give gamers tips on how to best others in PvP bouts in games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands or Rainbow Six: Siege, though. The app will also work with other single-player games as well, such as Assassin's Creed, offering gamers help on finding Easter Eggs or uncovering hidden secrets within certain levels. Players will be able to chat with the AI assistant, along with being directed to appropriate pages and Wiki entries.

It appears if this will be the equivalent of Microsoft's Cortana or Apple's Siri. I suppose it might be pertinent to ask if this is something that gamers really want or need, though. With everything being just a Google search away, wouldn't it make this particular app... redundant?

I suppose we'll find out once the beta gets underway. There's a frequently asked questions page over on the Ubisoft website, covering some of the basics of the app as well as what Ubisoft plans to use it for in the future. You can check out the FAQ to find out how to join the beta right now.

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