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For those of you who missed out on the Sea of Thieves closed beta, you may still have an opportunity to dive into a portion of the game before launch. Based on the latest buzz, it looks like the ship could be on a collision course with an open beta.

It's pretty much expected that an online-focused game like Sea of Thieves would have an open beta but, up to this point, the team at Rare has made no mention of a wider reaching testing phase. Over in the game's subreddit, though (via Eurogamer), dataminers appear to have uncovered details for just such an event.

While Sea of Thieves is currently unplayable for the general public, the client recently received an update. In keeping with the game's spirit of piracy and plunder, some dataminers went plunging into the game's code in search of buried treasure. While it's hard to draw much definite info out of such code, certain references are usually enough to give folks an idea of what is being prepared for future play.

While plowing through all of that data, references to an open beta were discovered. Also popping up were references to the Order of Souls, one of the three major factions within the game. Since players of the closed beta had the opportunity to run missions for one of the other factions, the assumption here is that a potential Sea of Thieves open beta will boast missions from the Order of Souls.

That particular group is likely the most exciting for would-be buccaneers. The Gold Hoarders have players seeking out treasure aplenty while the third faction, Merchants' Alliance, is all about collecting snakes, pigs and chickens, presumably to provide a reliable food source for these hordes of pirates. The Order of Souls, though, will task players with seeking out and destroying undead pirate captains and their army of skeletal minions. That certainly sounds like something Rare should give a thorough test run before launching the game.

The original report notes a couple other interesting tidbits that popped up in the datamine. For starters, there's mention of a "PirateGenerator," which we figure could either be an automatic way to craft your own pirate or something that populates the world with NPC pirates as needed. Also mentioned was a "Legendary Tavern," which likely ties into the "Legendary Hideout" that was mentioned in a previous data expedition. Again, this is just speculation, but we're guessing this is similar to exclusive social spaces within Destiny. Maybe players who achieve certain goals on a weekly/monthly basis will gain access to a special location within the game world.

The early buzz for Sea of Thieves has been solid, so we're hopeful this mention of an open beta pans out to an actual event in the near future. We'd be interested in hearing what a wider audience thinks of the Xbox One exclusive, and we're always in favor of developers giving their games a better stress test before launch.

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