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One of the most popular role-playing games of all time is Dungeons and Dragons and it's persisted for decades as the go-to tabletop game. Well, Old Spice decided to jump into the fray with its very own character class for the game, and you can make use of the character thanks to the new character sheet being spread around online.

The tweet was made on the official Old Spice Twitter account. The tweet hilariously rolls out the details of the Old Spice Gentleman Class, which is a character for the game that the company couldn't mention in the tweet without the Wizards of the Coast coming after it, but it's pretty obvious that it's in reference to Dungeons & Dragons.

The tweet links to a PDF file over on Google Drive, where it describes the Old Spice character class. The Gentleman (or Gentlelady) is a class themed around good looks, humor, and seductive charisma. The class is renown for clever quips and catchphrases, and they do so while selling Old Spice to all who are willing to purchase it. Yes, the Gentleman class is essentially a merchant class fused with a bard.

But it's not a useless class. According to the character sheet, the Gentleman can wield charm as a weapon to disarm foes and protect his companions. The Gentleman doesn't have an alignment, so you can make them good, evil, chaotic, or neutral.

Hilariously enough, the Old Spice Gentleman has a special attack code, or rather an attack prevention. The Gentleman can't attack the opposite sex during the first move. I wonder if this also applies to the Gentlelady class as well? It would make the class kind of difficult to use in certain situations, especially if you're a Gentlelady who gets ambushed by a rogue group of bandits, where you would likely have to wait for them to attack you first and rely on counter-hits.

This Old Spice Dungeons & Dragons class does come with quite a few skills to compensate for the starting attack restriction against the opposite sex, such as having acrobatics, bluff, climbing abilities, disguises, escape skills, intimidate, and a bunch of other skills to weasel out of a tough spot... almost like Han Solo from Star Wars, but possibly less reliant on shooting opponents with a gun hidden under the table. However, the Gentleman is proficient with laser blasters... no really!

The class is also marked by having proficiencies in light armor and fancy clothes, a little bit like Harry Hart from Kingsman.

The character has some hilarious skills, such as a Bachelor in Marketing, being able to take a bullet for an ally, being able to turn into a wolfdog at level 11, being able to ride on a horse at level 5 just like in the iconic Old Spice commercial, and emitting pleasure smells at level 7.

I have no idea if game masters will allow a character like this in the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop roleplay, but you can grab the character sheet from over on the Google Drive if you're so inclined.

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