A Kid Got Stuck Inside An Arcade Claw Machine

There are always a lot of weird stories that pop up that make you scratch your head. For one kid he nearly ended up becoming a real-life version of one of the kids in a Five Nights at Freddy's game when he found himself stuck inside of an arcade claw machine.

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The Titusville Fire and Emergency Services page for the Florida based Titusville fire department posted up a small story complete with pictures of an event involving a young boy who got stuck inside of an arcade claw machine. The story ended up gaining quite a bit of attention after being posted to Facebook. Basically, while a family was out having dinner when a young boy named Mason decided he wanted to try his hand at getting a prize out of the arcade claw machine, which was across from where they were eating dinner.

Mason was so desperate to get his hands on the stuffed animals inside the Pinnacle arcade claw machine, he somehow managed to climb up inside of the machine.

It's hard to see how Mason climbed into the machine, but it was large enough to fit the small boy inside.

The story on the Facebook page was accompanied by a few shots of the machine, and it has a top on it with lights shining down inside on the toys. Obviously Mason did not climb up the glass sides and hop into the machine.

Based on the images that the Titusville Fire and Emergency Services shared, it appears as if the only way inside without disassembling anything is through the slot where the stuffed animals fall out. The picture specifically showcases this slot while also showing Mason inside the arcade machine, indicating that he climbed up through the slot. This was later confirmed when someone in the comment thread asked the same question to the Titusville fire department, and they responded confirming that Mason indeed did climb up through the gift slot at the bottom of the machine. That slot is pretty darn tiny but he managed to squeeze up in there.

In a way, it sounds almost like the origin stories of Five Nights at Freddy's where something similar (though far more sinister) happened to the kids at the haunted pizza parlor. Of course, thankfully there were no animatronic bears involved and Mason didn't have to worry about crazy killer robots haunting his dreams thereafter.

Thankfully, there were a few firemen on hand at the station who were able to get Mason out of the arcade machine without damaging the machine. Mason was able to return to his family and finish the meal to round out the evening.

A lot of people posted sighs of relief and thanked the fire department for being able to get Mason out without any sort of complications. It could have turned out pretty bad, but thankfully the story is going viral because it has a happy ending.

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