Final Fantasy XV

That is probably the last headline you ever thought you would read when it comes to Half-Life and the series' hero, Gordon Freeman. In fact, most people assumed that the next time we would hear about the silent scientist would be something Half-Life 3 related. Well, it turns out his next big commercial outing will be in Final Fantasy XV.

Polygon is reporting that those who purchase Final Fantasy XV on PC starting March 6th will be in for a little surprise... well technically it's a pretty big surprise. Valve's Half-Life hero, Gordon Freeman, will be available as a playable character in the game if you purchase the title from the Steam store. Freeman will be selectable from the costumes menu where you can swap the standard Noctis skin for Freeman.

PC gamers get the benefit of having access to the Half-Life pack just for purchasing the game or pre-ordering it before May 1st. Only Noctis will be able to wear the Freeman suit during the main campaign, so if you were hoping to slap Freeman over Prompto or Gladiolus and have him give Noct a helping hand during battle, sadly that won't be possible. Only Noctis can be the dimension-hopping savior.

However, there will be additional accessories made available for the multiplayer mode, allowing gamers to equip their multiplayer characters with glasses and a crowbar in the Final Fantasy XV: Comrades expansion, which will be included in the base game for PC gamers.

Steam gamers aren't the only ones getting something special with the release of the large-scale JRPG. If you purchase the game from the Windows Store you'll be able to import your save data from the Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XV, in a sort of pseudo-Play Anywhere feature. The Xbox and Windows Store version of the game will also have the added benefit of being cross-platform compatible for the Comrades multiplayer expansion pack. So, those of you playing on Xbox One and the Windows PC version will be able to interact with one another. That's definitely going to be a big selling point for some gamers who likely worry about player population. The cross-play will arrive later as a post-launch update for the game.

If you purchase the game from EA's Origin store, you'll gain access to decals.

So far the Steam version definitely seems like the one with the best pre-order bonus option given that plenty of people will likely want to stream their playthrough of the game playing as Gordon Freeman. That's not to mention a lot of modders will likely use the skin as an entryway into modding Final Fantasy XV and figuring out how the game's assets work. It's an inevitability either way when it comes to modding.

If you're unsure which version of the game you want to purchase there's going to be a free demo made available starting February 26th so you can play-test the first chapter on PC via EA's Origin, the Windows Store, or Steam. The full game will be available starting March 6th on PC.

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