The Oculus Rift headset.

It's been a rough couple of days for Oculus Rift users, with headsets all over the world reportedly deciding to stop working on Wednesday, March 7. The good news is that the problem was an easy fix and the team at Oculus has now addressed the situation.

Hardware grinding to a halt all over the world is usually the stuff of science fiction. Heck, if you're an anime fan, a bunch of VR headsets behaving in this manner frequently leads to things like players becoming trapped inside of their games. Luckily for Oculus Rift users this week, however, the solution was simple and the outcome nowhere near as riveting as a Tom Clancy novel.

Wednesday morning, reports started rolling in about Rift headsets no longer working properly. Folks went to boot up Superhot VR, Blasters of the Universe and the like and, instead of getting in some gaming in the virtual realm, they were instead greeted by error codes stating things like "Can't reach Oculus runtime service" or "Failed to initialize with Oculus: Signature invalid," according to Eurogamer.

This being the internet, the first thing those folks did was let Oculus know there was an issue. Barring an immediate response, however, those same folks started digging into the software to see if they could figure out the cause of the issue. They found success in a file called OculusAppFramework.dll, which happened to contain an expired security certificate. An expired security certificate, as it turns out, will prevent a user from being able to access the Oculus client.

Oculus eventually chimed in, saying they were looking into the issue and would keep the community updated. In the meantime, said community got a bit antsy to play some VR games and started figuring out workarounds. Some folks figured out they could skirt the issue by turning off Windows' automatic date/time detection and setting the calendar to an early date but, as the initial report points out, that can actually cause some pretty big issues for other programs on your computer.

Those who were patient were finally rewarded by a patch from the Oculus team, along with directions for how to get it running since the Oculus client wouldn't start up properly. A few short minutes later and, boom, the issue is addressed.

Still, given how things like a single day's lack of service tend to play with the gaming community these days, Oculus decided to go one step further and offer some additional compensation. Anyone who ran an Oculus on or after Feb. 1 of this year will receive a $15 credit to the Oculus Store. That's enough to buy a game, actually, so hopefully, folks are happy with the resolution.

And if you know of anyone who got trapped in their Oculus Sword Art Online style during all of this, please let us know in the comments below.

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