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The Division 2 logo

It was a big day for new game announcements. Not only do we now have confirmation that a new Call of Duty game is on the way, but Ubisoft has revealed that a sequel to The Division is also in development.

While you'll be getting your FPS fix via Black Ops IIII (not IV), this fall, it looks like third-person shooter fans have The Division 2 to look forward to. It should come as no surprise that this announcement comes to us via a leak, where an image of the game's logo popped up on a Ubisoft site and was then reported on through German-language business news site (via Polygon).

So, while the cat got out of the bag a bit early, Ubisoft higher-ups have since come out to say, yes, a sequel to The Division is in the works and more information will be revealed this June at E3. It's unclear if the plan was to reveal The Division 2 at E3 or if maybe Ubisoft wanted to tease it a bit before the big trade show but, either way, the surprise has come a little prematurely.

What the original story was able to turn up is that five studios are actually working on the Division sequel, including Ubisoft Annecy, Redstorm, Reflections, Ubisoft Bucharest and Ubisoft Shanghai. Obviously, Ubisoft is pouring a lot of resources into this project, which should come as good news for folks who loved the first game.

No release date has been revealed yet, but an E3 reveal wouldn't be too late for a fall 2018 launch. But that's entirely speculation. Heck, Ubisoft might want to hold the game for early 2019, as big games launching in that window have found quite a bit of success in recent years. From Horizon: Zero Dawn to Monster Hunter World, more and more developers are finding success outside of that all-important holiday shopping window. Putting some breathing room between The Division 2 and games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Black Ops IIII would probably be a smart move on Ubisoft's part.

Also not revealed yet are the game's platforms. We figure PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC are pretty obvious bets, as the Switch probably can't handle a game as demanding as The Division, much less its sequel. Then again, Nintendo's new hardware continues to surprise us, so who knows?

To help clear the air, Massive Entertainment's Julian Gerighty offered some details through a brief stream today, basically confirming that the logo for the next Division is legit. He also talked about the desire to tell more stories within the game's world and improve on the foundation, rather than just keep the first game going through DLC.

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