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It's been a busy few weeks for the folks at Koei Tecmo. They launched Dynasty Warriors 9 recently, dropped Attack on Titan 2 this week, and have now announced that Warriors Orochi 4 will be ready to wage war sometime this year.

The above tweet keeps things nice and simple. It announces that the highly-requested Warriors Orochi 4 is coming this year, complete with a brief teaser trailer for the upcoming game.

And when I say "teaser," I mean teaser. There's no gameplay here, no look at the cast and certainly no hint at a release date. Instead, we get a brief look at a couple of misty locales, the game's name, and a 2018 date.

Koei Tecmo America claims that many fans have requested the game, and the comments certainly seem to support that statement. Everyone seems pretty stoked for a new Orochi game, even if several seem to be worried it might try to go the open world route of Dynasty Warriors 9. It was a nice thought, but critics and players alike were less than impressed by the outcome.

I find myself in the camp of "yes, please and thank you." Warriors Orochi is my favorite series in the musou genre, particularly because its narrative matches the gameplay better than the more traditional series under the musou umbrella.

But, don't mistake that for a knock on series like Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors, both series that I typically love. They tend to mix decently accurate historical events with over-the-top action and special abilities. The neat thing about the Orochi series is that it pulls characters from both Dynasty and Samurai games and drops them into a campaign where they wage war against monsters and demons. All of those insane, screen-clearing combos and magical attacks feel more at home in a story that's just as fantastical.

Similarly, Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors are somewhat tied down by the part historical, part fiction tales they are telling. Locations are grand but believable and enemies are always human. In the Orochi series, the team at Koei Tecmo has the opportunity to get more creative with the experience, as the story, locations and enemies are now only limited by their imagination. I'm all for mowing down legions of human foot soldiers and having a tough fight against a general, but I enjoy these games even more when I'm bashing a horde of demons and then going toe-to-toe with their hulking master.

Sadly, we only have this brief announcement to go on for details as of now. We know the game is coming this year and, given that it's already March, we figure that means a fall or even winter release is the soonest launch we can hope for. Thankfully, E3 is around the corner, so hopefully we'll get a detail blowout by then.