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It sure didn't take the Honest Game Trailer team very long to sink their teeth into Metal Gear Survive. The game has only been out a few weeks and already Smash Games has prepared more than four minutes worth of biting critiques.

If any game should be an easy target for an Honest Game Trailer, it's Metal Gear Survive. From the publisher/developer's messy falling out with series creator Hideo Kojima to a plot that's off the walls even by Metal Gear standards, many folks were willing to lace into this game long before it saw the light of day. So we've got to give some credit to Smosh Games for at least waiting a few weeks before taking the gloves off and performing its own beatdown of Survive.

The criticism is brutal right out of the gate, claiming that Metal Gear Survive straight-up craps all over the beloved franchise it shamelessly attempts to cash in on as if nobody noticed what happened between Kojima and Konami a few years back.

The trailer refers to Metal Gear Survive as a "joyless zombie survival game" that makes a desperate attempt to "milk a few more microtransactions" out of the series' fans. You know the gameplay isn't going to be great when these folks refer to it as "feeling like running errands with a gun pointed at your head."

To its credit, despite all of the shots fired, the HGT refers to Metal Gear Survive as "better than you thought it would be." Then again, they follow that up by saying it's still a terrible experience at the same time, which speaks to how low their expectations were in the first place. If that can be taken as a complement then, fine, we suppose Survive has earned it.

And in case you're wondering how the actual developers feel about the game, the Honest Game Trailer ends with a reference to a hidden message that was discovered in Survive shortly after its launch that not potentially takes a couple of shots at the new studio higher-ups, but states the team's undying love for Kojima himself.

Digging through social media and review sites, it seems like Metal Gear Survive at last has a small, dedicated following, so long as you don't mind the word "dedicated" being used to describe folks who argue "Meh, it's not as bad as I thought it would be." Still, that raises the question that, if someone thought it was going to be bad, why the heck would they part with their own money just to experience it?

So what are your thoughts on this latest Honest Game Trailer? Do you agree with their complaints, or are you managing to enjoy Survive? Let us know in the comments below.