Gordon Freeman Half-Life

Ballots are out for new entries into the World Video Game Hall of Fame, and gamers the world over will combine their choices to create a single entry for consideration. Good luck choosing your top three, though, because this year's list is full of heavy hitters.

Each year, a collection of video games is inducted into the hall of fame organized by The Strong National Museum of Play. This year's list of nominees is 12 strong, including titles aplenty that helped shaped the industry. Here's a rundown:


*Call of Duty

*Dance Dance Revolution

*Final Fantasy VII


*John Madden Football

*King's Quest



*Ms. Pac-Man


*Tomb Raider

In case it feels like some obvious inclusions are missing, you've got to remember that this Hall of Fame business has been going on for a while, so games like Tetris, Pong, Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man are already present and accounted for.

What's cool about this year's selection is that regular folks will get to have a say in which games get inducted. It's a decision-by-committee kind of situation but, still, your vote counts.

In short, members of the International Selection Advisory Committee have already received their ballots and are doing their own contemplation and soul searching to determine which games deserve to be added to the hall of fame roster this year. There are 27 ballots all told, with voting members being journalists, scholars, folks who are versed in games history and the like. A 28th ballot, though, will be crafted by average gamers. All you have to do is head on over to the Player's Choice Ballot, select your top game and hit the "submit" button. Voting is open right now and will run through April 4. Once the deadline hits, all of those votes will be tallied and the three games with the most votes will be included in the Player's Choice Ballot. That ballot will then join the official ISAC ballots for deciding this year's games.

Once all of that jibba-jabba has been tallied, the inductees will be revealed during a special ceremony hosted at The Strong on May 3.

Feel free to just go with your gut here but, for those who want to take the selection process a bit more seriously, a few key aspects have been noted for consideration. Voters are encouraged to pick the three games they think best fit the criteria of icon status, longevity, geographic reach and influence. It's a pretty tough decision, when you get right down to it. Again, gaming wouldn't be what it is today without some of these titles. Would we have Uncharted if Tomb Raider didn't pave the way? Would games like BioShock exist without Half-Life setting the tone? What would platforming adventure games look like if Metroid didn't come along? Despite being the most recent game on the list, could the argument be made that Minecraft has had just as big an impact on gaming as any of these other titles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and don't forget to vote by April 4.