Street Fighter The Miniatures Game

Jasco Games managed to recently get its tabletop board game based on Street Fighter fully funded on Kickstarter in just a couple of days. Yes, the licensed board game was fully funded in just two days and is already gearing up to become one of the biggest Kickstarter tabletop games on the platform.

IGN is reporting that the game is co-designed by YouTube content creator, "Angry Joe" Vargas. The big name attached to the Kickstarter helped it accrue over $700,000 in just a matter of days. The project still has more than 27 days to go as of the writing of this article. It'll likely hit the $1 million mark before the time runs out.

It wasn't too hard to get financial traction going given that those who wanted to actually guarantee a boxed edition of the miniature game had to pledge $140. In no time flat, more than 3,500 people pledged across various financial tiers in order to bring the miniatures tabletop game to life.

The Street Fighter board game features just over a handful of miniature figurines based on the franchise's most popular characters, and allows anywhere between two and six players to engage in a battle. Matches play out for around half an hour. There are 40 different cards for each character that players to use in their battle decks, consisting of projectiles, specials, strikes and event cards.

You can also unleash super and ultra combos and special maneuvers, just like in Street Fighter V and Capcom's other fighting games.

The system is also being designed as a universal tactics system so that players will be able to use the cards and figurines for future custom-made scenarios.

The initial board game rollout will come with eight figurines, including M. Bison, Akuma, Vega, Sagat, Zangief, Ken, Chun-Li and Ryu. It appears to be based on the basic roster from Street Fighter II, although the base set is missing E. Honda and Dhalsim among others.

The full package will come with four different battle arenas, including the shopping district from Chun-Li's stage, the Kousyu Street stage, the the dojo stage, and the air force base from Guile's stage.

The bundle will also include a total of over 428 battle cards broken down into various decks, along with chips and a handful of dice. Multiple player boards and boss cards are also included.

Some of the stretch goals include a power-up mode, a tag-team mode, and two additional characters, including Blanka and Guile, both of whom will also come with their own 40-card battle deck.

Given that the total funding is already over $700,000, it means that Guile and Blanka and E. Honda have already been unlocked, The 3-on-3 team swap mode will be unlocked at $750,000 while Dhalsim will be unlocked at $800,000.

One of the other neat things about the board is that it also offers destructible elements within the environment, which is an added boon for the entertainment values. If you were interested in supporting the cause, you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter page.

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