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A Hardcore Fortnite Fan Kept Playing During A Tornado

fighting off enemies Fortnite

What would you do if you were playing a game of Fortnite and a very real tornado was suddenly bearing down on your home? If your name is Anton Williams, the answer is "keep on playing."

As is being reported by WXII 12 (via Kotaku), a rather sizable tornado recently ripped through Greensboro, North Carolina, causing extensive damage and even resulting in one death. While most folks in the area were worried about the swirling vortex of terror ripping through the community, though, Anton Williams was trying to win a round of Fortnite.

Following the tornado, the television station interviewed Williams about his experience. Williams confessed that he was in the middle of a round of Battle Royale and, even though he looked outside and saw roofs literally being ripped off of houses, he decided to keep playing his game. His reasoning? He was one of the last players standing in that particular game.

Apparently, the storm worsened, flipping vehicles and reportedly impaling Williams' own home with a telephone pole. He eventually put down his game and herded his siblings into the bathroom for safety but, again, he admitted to the reporter that his mind was still on that game of Battle Royale he had been forced to leave behind.

I'd argue that Williams was doing the most Fortnite thing imaginable, since a huge mechanic in the game is actually staying out of and surviving a storm. I'd also argue that trying to emulate that in real life was maybe not the wisest decision.

If nothing else, you've got to credit Williams for his honesty. While his family's safety was definitely on his mind, he said that the game was still nagging him. It's hard to walk away from a round of Battle Royale when a match is down to just a few players and, despite the fact that a natural disaster was afoot, it's not hard to believe a teen's mind kept turning to "what if" scenarios.

This is, of course, only one of a couple dozen times Fortnite has been mentioned in mainstream media recently. The game has gotten so big that even Drake is breaking records by playing it on a stream and teachers all over the country are worried that the game has become too distracting, especially now that you can play it on mobile devices. Our take is that this type of behavior simply speaks to the uncommon popularity of the game, allowing it to become one of those rare titles that enters the realm of household-namedom.

Still, we get that Fortnite is a heck of a lot of fun to play, but maybe a 217km/h tornado is a good enough reason to just turn the game off for a while, yeah?

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