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The Gary Gygax Trust has announced a partnership with Fig, the community publishing platform, in order to bring unpublished works from the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons to the world of video games.

Gary Gygax passed away about a decade ago, but not before gifting the world with Dungeons & Dragons, a roleplaying game he was both designer and co-creator of. The pen and paper version of the game has evolved quite a bit over the years, with the latest iteration gaining the game's largest following to date. The worlds of Dungeons & Dragons have spawned books, a movie, apps and even video games like the ongoing MMO, Neverwinter Online, but a recent partnership between Gygax's trust and Fig could result in new games inspired by the man's unpublished works.

According to the press release, these unpublished works formed the inspiration that led to the creation of Dungeons & Dragons, so we wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of monster fighting, adventuring and dungeon diving is in the mix. But according to Fig, we're still in the very early stages for the projects.

We're so early, in fact, that developers have not even been tapped. The whole point of this partnership is to build the games from the ground up. The Gygax Trust provides the material, and Fig will be working with the group to pinpoint developers they feel would best suit the individual projects. From there, they'll be integral in setting up a crowdfunding campaign for the project to get it off the ground. If all goes well, the end result is planned to be a collection of games that will let players experience adventures thought up by Gygax himself pre-D&D.

Gail Gygax, Gary's wife, said she feels these unpublished works are an "important part of his legacy." She adds that working with Fig has allowed the family to maintain complete control over the creative vision of potential games. Gygax's son, Alex, said he's a gamer himself and is therefore looking forward to partnering with developers to finally bring the games to life.

What sets Fig apart from other crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter is that participants are making an actual investment. When a Kickstarter project is funded and successful, the end result is that the participant receives their product. Sometimes that doesn't happen, though, and participants never receive a cut of any additional earnings.

With Fig, participants actually buy into the project and can earn returns from revenue shares, distribution arrangements, buyouts and the like. Big Fig successes have included Pillars of Eternity 2, Outer Wilds and Kingdoms & Castles. Psychonauts 2 was also funded through Fig, though it has not hit the market yet.

It's certainly a unique concept, and it's pretty interesting seeing a partnership like this take form from the earliest stages. We'll be interested in watching the Gygax projects evolve over time.

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