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skydiving into a cave PUBG

PUBG's latest map, known as Savage, is undergoing quite a bit of testing at this point but the developer decided to share at least one interesting detail concerning the map's future: Players are going to be able to skydive into underground caves.

This news comes to us from a recent posting on the PUBG Steam forum, wherein the devs are sharing behind-the-scenes details about crafting the new map as it is being created. While visiting Thailand, a photo was taken of an underground cave system and, as it turns out, that inspired the design team to recreate such a landmark on the Savage map.

Based on the early concept map, it looks like the massive cave will be the key feature of either an offshoot of the main map, or perhaps part of a small island of its own. Players will be able to skydive directly into the cave and find themselves in a massive underground cavern. The concept art shows scaffolding protecting structures built by ancient civilizations within the cave, plenty of stalagmites to hide behind and a large pool at the center of the cave. There are three main exits on the map at this time.

Since the entire map is 4x4 km, it's clear that the underground cave and surrounding areas don't make up the entire map so much as a point of interest. Still, main focus or not, we imagine it will be a favorite drop-in spot for many PUBG players.

What's also interesting about this update is that it mentions a shift to "open development," or building the map out and making adjustment depending on how players actually play the game. Epic uses a similar process for Fortnite Battle Royale, as its map, gears and rule sets are getting changed on a regular basis. While Fortnite's base map was fine, Epic noticed that there weren't enough points of interest drawing players to other areas of the map. To correct that, they've added whole new zones and attractions.

It sounds like PUBG will be handled the same way moving forward, as the Savage map is already being tested but the underground cave has not been dropped into place just yet. Also similar to Fortnite, the announcement says that more tweaks will be made on the fly, including the inclusion of new weapons and vehicles. That kind of variety has potentially helped give Fortnite an edge in recent months, so it's nice to see PUBG borrowing a good thing. If players don't use a weapon, improve it or rotate it out. If a new element isn't working too well, scrap it. Want to take a new vehicle for a spin? Drop it into the game and let players put it through the paces.

Savage is already getting a lot of love from folks testing the map, so we're excited to see PUBG becoming more nimble in terms of updates and additions to the new locale.