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It's been a long time since we've had a new canonical entry in the long-running Serious Sam franchise. The series has sort of taken the place of Duke Nukem, and Devolver Digital is ready to feed gamers more of the over-the-top antics of Serious Sam with a brand new game.

Croteam and Devolver Digital released a new teaser trailer featuring the upcoming Serious Sam 4. The teaser trailer features Sam riding down an empty highway out in the middle of a forested area. Some ruins litter the wayside during his journey.

Off to the side of the field we eventually see one of Sam's iconic enemies... the headless bomber. He runs toward Sam while screaming his head off. With two bombs in his hand, the suicide bomber races toward Sam but doesn't get far as he's blasted to pieces by a shotgun.

Sam continues riding down the highway into an onslaught of baddies and bosses from previous entries in the series.

The trailer is running in-engine on Croteam's latest iteration of the Serious Engine. This is an upgraded version of what Croteam used in The Talos Principle, which came out back in 2014 for home consoles and PC. The engine was capable of rendering large scale environments and high-end frame-rate output for high-fidelity assets.

Croteam has a tendency of releasing a new iteration of the Serious Engine with each new major release. The last outing for Serious Sam in the canonical series was Serious Sam: BFE, which was technically pre-sequel. It took place before Serious Sam: The First Encounter, recounting Sam's adventures before the first encounter. The Serious Engine 3.5 came out three years before the switch over to the Serious Engine 4, as noted on the Croteam website.

The likelihood is that Croteam and Devolver Digital will unveil the full gameplay of Serious Sam 4 with the newest iteration of the Serious Engine.

According to the publisher, the full reveal for the hardcore, fast-paced, run-and-gun shooter will take place at E3 this year. Most people are expecting the reveal to happen during Devolver's E3 press conference, assuming the publisher puts out another press conference similar to the one from last year.

Since 2014 Croteam has basically been re-releasing older games with VR updates, including the original Serious Sam trilogy. The studio also put out a virtual reality rendition of The Talos Principle. However, there haven't been any actual new games released since 2014, so it would make sense if the majority of the team were actually working on Serious Sam 4.

What we don't know is exactly which platforms the game will appear on and when the game will actually release. Expect a full-on release date and platform roll out for the game come E3.