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Why The Good Life's Creator Is Determined To Make The Game

The Good Life
(Image credit: White Owl)

The game The Good Life hasn't had a very good life when it comes to running the crowdfunding circuit. The game has actually had trouble getting funded to become a reality, but the creator of the game, Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro, believes that this is a game that needs to happen and is determined to turn it into a reality.

Gamespot is reporting that Suehiro is intent on making The Good Life a real game. During this past year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, Suehiro spoke to Gamespot about the title and why it was so important to get it funded and get it made, saying...

As a creator, I have this innate desire to make something. When I look back on the original crowdfunding campaign forThe Good Life, we recognized we made a lot of mistakes. It would be a missed opportunity to just walk away from that as once time experience, and because we have that passion we're willing to come back to the table and state that this is the thing we're doing better, and these are the things we've learned. And another thing is that online community has been really inspiring for us, and they've really pushed us to move forward with this project. Even though the last campaign didn't succeed, it still excited a lot of people to the point where we're people are sending us pictures of their cats and dogs on twitter. I just feel very compelled to take this to the finish line.

The original Fig crowdfund did not succeed, but Suehiro decided to come back to the crowdfunding table with a Kickstarter campaign.

After going back to the drawing board to make some changes, the team at White Owls tried yet again on Kickstarter, with the current campaign seeking $623,000. Over the course of a month, the team managed to accrue $411,671 as of the writing of this article, and they only have five days left on the Kickstarter campaign for The Good Life.

It's unlikely that they'll be able to meet the goal, but there's definitely interest in the game about playing as a photojournalist intent on solving a murder in a small idyllic town.

The hook for The Good Life is that at night the residents of the town turn into animals, including the lead character, Naomi.

The gameplay switches from a investigative point-and-click style title to an animal simulator the likes of which seems more attuned to appeal to gamers who enjoy The Sims or Animal Crossing.

According to Suehiro, who is best known for making Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, the original crowdfunding goals were a bit too ambitious -- set at a rather sizable $1.5 million. Lowering the target and seeking outside help from investors was a sound way to help get the game funded and for the team to build out a more stylish and distinct prototype.

And speaking of prototypes, the Kickstarter for The Good Life features a 24-minute demonstration of the gameplay, so you can see exactly what you're getting into and what sort of game that White Owl is pitching toward gamers. Even with a more refined approach to the crowdfunding market, it still seems as if the game is having a tough time garnering money from the gaming market. Perhaps third time's the charm?

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.