With E3 2018 about a month away, everyone in the games community is gearing up for updates on anticipated titles, as well as some surprise announcements. The rumor mill is spinning bright and early, though, as a recent retail listing may be pointing at quite a few big reveals yet to be made official.

The above tweet comes from Twitter user Wario64 who, according to his profile, tweets about games deals and the like. The tweet links out to the Canadian Walmart page, which appears to have quite a few unexpected games filling up its virtual shelves. It should go without saying that everything here should be taken as a rumor at this time, as none of these games have been confirmed by their publishers or developers. Still, not a lot here is all that unexpected, so we could very well be looking at some legitimate sequels and the like. We're having trouble locating these listings ourselves so, again, try not to get your hopes up too far until actual announcements have been made.

Wario64 goes through the trouble of pointing out some of the biggest head-turners in the lineup, including Just Cause 4, a new Splinter Cell, Borderlands 3 and Gears of War 5. There's a bit of a typo in his listing, as we assume the Forza Horizon series won't just skip over 4.

Again, nothing too surprising here if true, but all very exciting. A new Just Cause game would make a heck of a lot of sense considering the series' success, as would a new Splinter Cell seeing as how Ubisoft has been bringing up that series' protagonist a lot lately. A third Borderlands game has all but been confirmed at this point and, what, Microsoft isn't going to publish a new Gears of War?

While the main Assassin's Creed series is supposedly on hiatus, that wouldn't rule out a remaster, "complete edition" of Origins or even a smaller offshoot game. Also, we've seen LEGO DC Villains being kicked around as a rumor already, alongside a second Dragon Quest Builders title.

Again, we're not saying this is accurate yet, but it certainly seems likely. The only game to cause us to do a double-take was Rage 2. The first game didn't exactly fly off of the shelf, but Bethesda could certainly pull it out of their back pocket once E3 gets here.

According to the comments, no edits were made to the image itself other than stitching all of the images together. We see some confirmed games in the mix to help bolster its authenticity, including a new Metroid, as well as an updated version of Destiny 2, presumably with all of the year-one DLC, Beyond Good and Evil 2 and The Division 2.

So, what do you think, readers? Does this list seem likely? And, either way, what game would you be most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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