It's clear that battle royale games are hugely successful, but it turns out their success is having an impact on other markets as well. According to a Turtle Beach spokesperson, headphone sales have skyrocketed because of the insanely popular genre.

In an interview with Variety, Turtle Beach CEO Juergen Stark explained that the success of games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has spurred on the success of his own products. Stark said the business is doing "really, really well," which is certainly great news for a company that holds down nearly 50 percent of the gaming headset market share.

According to Stark, the company saw a 185 percent increase in its net revenue over comparative periods from year to year, forcing Turtle Beach to increase their quarterly and annual revenue projections. Apparently, keeping up with demand has been difficult, too, with Stark pointing out that the company is spending more than $4 million this quarter alone just to air-freight new headphone stock to various countries. Nintendo had to make a similar move last year to keep up with the demand for the Switch console, opting to spend more money on air shipping rather than less costly alternatives.

So, why is Stark convinced that Turtle Beach has games like Fortnite and PUBG to thank for the uptick in their success? For a few reasons, actually.

For starters, the big movement in headphone sales started in January, which is when Stark said both Fortnite and PUBG really started to take off. Spurred on my national news coverage and word of mouth, the games have become king of the market in recent months. The success of those games is also bringing more folks into the hobby in general, meaning an even bigger market of potential customers for Turtle Beach products.

Stark said folks realize the importance of headsets when playing a competitive game. They offer an edge on the competition, allowing you to have a better idea of where, exactly, action is going down in the game world. Regular speakers work fine but, if you want to know exactly what direction someone is trying to sneak up on you from, you'd be better served to have a set of headphones strapped to your head.

Another benefit to the headphone market, according to Stark, is that Fortnite is free to play. His reasoning is that, if someone is getting a ridiculous number of hours of entertainment out of a free game, they're more likely to spend money on products that would enhance that experience, such as headsets.

Despite all of that symbiosis, Stark said Turtle Beach isn't currently planning a branded set of headphones, similar to what they've done with games like Call of Duty. At the moment, he said their line is selling fine without any sort of extra branding.

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