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What's Coming In Rainbow Six Siege's Season 2

Rainbow Six Siege
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

If you've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege since its release in 2015, and have been following all of the seasonal updates for each annual smorgasbord of content, you'll be pleased to know that Year 3: Season 2 content has been revealed for Rainbow Six: Siege. There's a brand new rundown of what gamers can look forward to during the second season of the third year of the competitive first-person shooter's content roll-out. The Season 2 content is being called Operation Para Bellum. It will include all new balance changes, two new Operators, and a new map.

Per Gamespot, the new map is called the Villa, and it takes place within an Italian countryside. The map itself will be themed around a large, classic Italian mansion that will be available for various game modes within Rainbow Six: Siege. The map will also come equipped with rare art pieces featured throughout the home, and lavish decorations adorning the walls and halls of the well furnished house. The story behind the map is that it's actually a front for smuggling activities, and that the Vinciguerra crime family have begun burning documents and removing evidence before the Rainbow Six operators arrive, so the visual theme of the house is one of disarray and chaos.

Ubisoft has plans on giving gamers a full tour of the new map during the Pro League Finals eSports competition set to take place between May 19th and May 20th. You'll be able to see the demonstration by checking out the Rainbow Six channel.

The new Italian map will also come with two new playable operators, obviously of Italian descent. But we don't get to see them or learn more about them just yet.

What we do know is that Ubisoft will be making balance changes to some of the existing operators in the game, including giving Echo a second Yokai drone that can be used during a match. However, to compensate for allowing Echo to use two drones at once instead of one, the developers opted to reduce the amount of total drones at his disposal, bringing them down to two instead of the default three. Ubisoft is also modifying the speed of certain operators, slowing certain ones down while speeding certain ones up. This will change the dynamic of how quickly certain operators will be able to move around the arena and reach certain locations. Additionally, all movement speed while wielding a handgun will see a small increase.

The reason for the balance adjustment to the speed is because Ubisoft noted that the game has a speed vs armor meta-game, and the developers noticed that in every single situation speed won out over armor, making the latter moot in the first person shooter. The change is designed to help bring more balance options to Rainbow Six: Siege when it comes to that particular feature.

I do wonder if this is something that was actually in dire need of adjusting or if it was just something the developers wanted to balance themselves?

I suppose when the update goes live in the Year 3: Season 2 update via Operation Para Bellum, we'll find out exactly how well diehard fans enjoy the new balance tweaks to Rainbow Six: Siege.

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