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If you haven't had an opportunity to take part in the limited Marvel/Fortnite crossover event, you might want to clear your schedule for the evening. According to a recent update, the Infinity Gauntlet mode is finally coming to a close.

The above tweet comes from the official Fortnite account, where they've announced the impending departure of the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup. Well, at least we can say it lived up to its name. It was only available for a week and, based on the buzz around the internet, most folks seemed to really enjoy the mode.

Epic Games is inviting Fortnite players to "wield the gauntlet one last time," as Tuesday will dawn with Thanos missing from the battle. We can't seem to locate an exact time of when the event will actually draw to a close, but Epic is pretty good about keeping folks notified within the game. Just to be on the safe side, we'd recommend anyone wanting to get in a few more rounds with the Infinity Gauntlet should log on and start playing ASAP.

It's certainly been an interesting ride for this latest spin on the Battle Royale formula. The mode works similar to the standard version of the game, but with players finding more beefed up gear spread across the map. That was a necessity, as one player would be lucky enough to locate the Infinity Gauntlet, thus transforming into Thanos and wielding its amazing power.

As Thanos, the player was treated to boosted health and shields, with the latter refreshing with each opponent taken out. You could also punch really, really hard, and fire a powerful beam of energy. Finally, Thanos has the ability to leap into the air to get a look at the surrounding area, and then either fire his beam while hovering or smash down to the ground with tremendous force.

Some folks were unhappy to see an outside character appear in Fortnite, but we hold that the game is exactly goofy enough for something like this to occur. These kinds of modes are part of what sets Fortnite apart from the pack, offering fun and unique spins on the traditional 100-player formula.

Speaking of special modes, Fortnite is actually in an uncommon situation where it has two ongoing at the same time. Over the weekend, the latest version of the popular 50v50 mode kicked off, with players able to pick that special mode, Infinity Gauntlet or the standard version of Battle Royale. Come tomorrow, though, it will be as if somebody snapped their finger and magically made one of the special modes disappear.

But, with a mode as good as Infinity Gauntlet, we wouldn't be surprised to see it return in the future. It would be cool to see Marvel work out a deal where it appears alongside other films, like the upcoming Ant-Man, or at least bring it back when Thanos and his pals return in the next Avengers movie in 2019.

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