Electronic Arts and DICE finally revealed the latest entry in the long-running Battlefield entry, aptly and numerically titled Battlefield V. The full reveal trailer features a squad of characters engaged in full-on, hardcore World War II combat, and it's quite insane.

The trailer was published over on the official Battlefield YouTube channel, featuring a mixture of cinematic scripted events and actual in-game play. The trailer rolls on for just two and a half minutes, with the first half focusing on cinematics and the last half focusing on gameplay in Battlefield V.

The Frostbite-powered shooter is displayed with a very intense and energetic trailer. It starts by showcasing the level of detail that the engine can house in real-time by zooming in on a wet rocking horse head that has drops of water and blood spilling down.

We then see three soldiers making a run toward the house, featuring a red-headed woman with a prosthetic limb helping another soldier clear out the main foyer and hallway before she bites a bullet and goes down.

A soldier then gets shot attempting to come down the steps, while bullet holes riddle the house. Another soldier on the top floor peers out of the window to see two tanks rolling in through the front yard, ready to cause some massive havoc. He doesn't stick around to see the fireworks, and instead gets a running sprint and leaps out of the window and down toward the ground below.

He meets back up with the red-headed woman with the prosthetic limb, as they shimmy on the ground backwards while shooting at oncoming enemies and dodging some Briton tanks that literally roll right through the house like a child punching through a single sheet of paper.

We then get a look at some of Battlefield V's vehicular mechanics, as a jeep pulls up and the red-headed woman hops aboard while we see some mobile artillery moving through a swamp, along with low-flying planes making passes over the battlefield.

The Levolution is still on display, with the remnants of a bridge taking a direct tank shot and having parts of it fall onto the ground. A plane gets blasted out of the air, losing half a wing with the pilot attempting to escape while the cockpit catches on fire. Just in front of the plane, another vehicle falls off the bridge and crushes two soldiers.

Eventually we finally get to the gameplay of Battlefield V, showcasing a soldier with a squad as they repair the sandbag fortification. The player then runs out in the open and starts shooting planes down with the MG-42 while sliding on the ground and quickly switching to his side-arm. After an explosion, an enemy soldier knocks over the player and attempts to kill him, but he's saved by the redhead who is wielding a spiked cricket club.

The reactions have been mixed, but it appears as if DICE is definitely going for a faster, more Call of Duty-style approach to the Battlefield experience. Expect to see a lot more at this year's EA Play.

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