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The Wolf Among Us 2

A lot of gamers have been awaiting the release of The Wolf Among Us 2, hoping and desperately wanting to get their hands on the new season of the episodic, narrative-driven adventure series. However, it appears as if the wait will be just a bit longer, as Telltale has delayed the second season.

Over on the official website the company announced that The Wolf Among Us 2 will be delayed all the way into 2019. Yes, 2019.

It's a rather massive delay given that most gamers expected the second season to be made available during the latter half of 2018 after it was announced last year by Telltale that The Wolf Among Us 2 would be coming out at some point this year.

The post on the Telltale site indicates that the delay comes from two important key factors. The first is that, late into 2018, Telltale restructured and various members of the development studio's staff were let go. This apparently greatly affected the development roadmap for content at Telltale, so much so that The Wolf Among Us 2 had to be pushed back by a whole year.

We also saw how episodes for Batman: The Enemy Within had slowed down as well. Then again, Telltale did actually go out of its way to craft a greatly distinct and unique story for the very different choices that changed the entire plot for the last episode.

In a way, the season finale for Batman: The Enemy Within showed that Telltale was willing to step outside of the box and really do something different after receiving plenty of criticisms that the company's games had become stale and that the choices didn't really matter. Well, in this case, the choices absolutely did matter.

I imagine if for the upcoming second season of The Wolf Among Us and the final season for The Walking Dead, Telltale likely wanted to give gamers defining episodes that actually changed based on those choices and had very distinct outcomes.

While the delay is definitely a bummer for a lot of fans, especially given that many of those who completed the first season of The Wolf Among Us back in 2013 are likely tired of waiting, after already waiting five years for the second season. However, if Telltale is dead-set on making a game that really breaks through the boundaries and makes each of the player's choices meaningful, then I can see why it would need to be delayed. Of course, also losing a number of staff would also greatly slow down developmental, progress no doubt.

Of course, Telltale is now focused on finishing up the final season of The Walking Dead, while the second season of The Wolf Among Us has now been moved into the 2019 slot. This might be for the best given that launching in late 2018 alongside Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption 2 could end up being really dangerous and hurt the overall sales for the game.

Now the team will have a few extra months to further polish the second season and ensure that it's a quality experience for fans and newcomers alike.