The 2016 outing of Doom was somewhat of a soft reboot-sequel to the original Doom 1, Doom 2 and Doom 64. The game was extremely well received for being a massive throwback to old-school, run-and-gun, guts-and-horror first-person shooting action. After the best-selling and critically received game managed to make its mark on the industry two years ago, Bethesda figured it was time to pay a little mind to the people who wanted more of the Doom Guy's adventures, and so during the E3 press conference the company announced that the 2016 iteration of Doom would be receiving a sequel, aptly named Doom: Eternal.

The trailer clocks in at a minute and a half but you can't expect to see any kind of gameplay. In fact, there is no gameplay because that won't be arriving until later this year in August. It was expressly mentioned during the Bethesda press conference and later on during the follow-up E3 interviews that the Doom: Eternal gameplay footage would only be revealed later on in the year at QuakeCon.

Now, unlike when id Software first unveiled the hardcore gameplay of Doom to the audience ahead of its release during the QuakeCon event several years ago, this time around the gameplay will not be exclusive only to those in attendance. Everyone attending QuakeCon live and everyone watching the livestream through Twitch will be able to view the footage for the upcoming id Software first-person shooter, Doom: Eternal.

As for the announcement trailer, it starts with a pan across some burning rubble while Eldritch tentacles wrap themselves around buildings and pillars; charred bodies are impaled and plastered throughout the environment. We see demons scavenging for more carnage to create, and in the distance we see giant tentacles emerging from the hellscape to dig their way into crumbling, and fiery skyscrapers.

The image then zooms in on a demon's skull -- bright white, and fresh on the ground... well, just until the Doom Guy crushes it under his boot. Mick Gordon's heavy metal theme kicks in and we then see the Doom Guy take his double-barrel shotgun and load two shells into it, prepping it for some eventual use against some brand new enemies.

We briefly see what looks like a Hell Knight with flaming blades coming out of its forearms, along with a Pain Elemental hovering in the background. We see a Cacodemon as well, along with the return of the Arch-Vile and various other demons.

We don't know what platforms the game will be on, but it previously released for PC, PS4, Xbox One and even the Nintendo Switch. According to Bethesda's VP of marketing, Pete Hines, the upcoming Doom: Eternal will feature twice as many monsters as the 2016 outing. I wonder if there will be just as many weapons as well? I suppose we'll find out at QuakeCon this August. You can actually register for the event right now by visiting the QuakeCon website.

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