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Out of all the big announcements at E3 this year, the one announcement that left a lot of people confused -- apart from the obvious gameplay showcase of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding -- is the fact that Bethesda actually revealed that its working on an upcoming iteration of The Elder Scrolls VI. The announcement kind of came out of nowhere as game director Todd Howard was giving gamers a glimpse into Bethesda's future with Starfield, but plenty of people were excited to learn that, yes, The Elder Scrolls VI is coming.

The revelation of The Elder Scrolls VI at this year's E3 came as a complete surprise for most gamers, since no one was really expecting news about the open-world adventure. The teaser trailer is only 36 seconds long, and it opens up with a foggy flyby of a large mountainous area.

We see what looks like a rocky ravine just below the fog line, some light gravel and dirt paint the edge of the mountain base. The Bethesda Game Studios logo fades into view, and we continue moving along a mountainous ridge through the fog-drenched environment. Through the horizon more mountains can be seen, along with the barely visible outline of trees in the distance.

Eventually the Bethesda logo fades away, and we get a slightly clearer view of the ravine off to the left of the screen, and a grassy incline spanning the center of the screen.

Many of the details within the environment are still obscured by fog. However, eventually the fog is cleared away and we see that there's a vast land stretched out across the horizon. Rocky hills, mountain regions, deep valleys below, and clear skies above.

The clarity of the trailer then brings rise to the official Elder Scrolls VI logo, followed by the franchise's iconic theme song. As the trailer comes to an end, we see a castle-like structure just off in the distance.

Unfortunately, there is no gameplay, no details on the characters, no information on the story, and nothing about the mechanics, physics, or technology other than that game director Todd Howard revealed that the current generation of home consoles are not not powerful enough to run the game, including the Xbox One and PS4.

As far as how long you'll have to wait for The Elder Scrolls VI before it releases? Well, according to Todd Howard the game won't be released until after Starfield. The thing about Starfield is that it won't be released until the next generation of home consoles arrive. So that means that The Elder Scrolls VI is likely three to five years out from release.

That's not to mention that according to Todd Howard, the game is only in pre-production at the moment, so we likely won't be seeing any gameplay any time soon.

The last Elder Scrolls game came out back in 2011 and it was called Skyrim. Bethesda has ported to nearly every single gaming device out there, including non-gaming devices like Alexa, as reported by Digital Trends. The team is obviously taking their time with crafting the next entry in the series.