Danger Zone

Gamers haven't received many AAA-quality racing games this generation. It's been a stark difference from the amount of games that publishers experimented with back during the seventh generation of home consoles. Things could be changing for the better after two big racing games have been announced and are scheduled to arrive for home consoles and PC. The best part about this news is that if you've been a fan of the old Burnout titles that just haven't been receiving a whole lot of love lately (other than a remaster of Burnout Paradise), you're likely going to be filled with joy with the two new racing titles in the works from some of the minds behind the action-racing title.

Three Fields Entertainment, the same studio behind Danger Zone and Dangerous Golf, has announced that it's currently working on Danger Zone 2 and Dangerous Driving for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The British studio will release its brand new IP, Dangerous Driving, later this year during the winter, while Danger Zone 2 will release in July. Three Fields is also made up of ex-Criterion Games developers, the same minds who brought you the original Burnout series.

This might seem like it's kind of recent given that Danger Zone, the first game, just came out back in 2017 for home consoles and PC. In fact, the game is currently discounted by 50% off during the Steam summer sale right now. It's a game based primarily on the crash mode from Burnout 3, which was highly popular for a lot of gamers back in the day.

The objective in Danger Zone was to select a vehicle and crash it into other vehicles at high speeds and create the most spectacular crashes possible. The game was set in an elaborate testing facility with ridiculously over-the-top scenarios designed for gamers to pull off the most explosive crashes imaginable.

Danger Zone 2 hopes to capitalize on the original, expanding the the scope of the gameplay to include all new driving mechanics, including the ability to boost and drift. I have no idea what good drifting will do in a game about crashing but I assume it will be a mechanic that's employed for those moments where you have to skillfully maneuver through certain obstacles to pull a specific kind of crash. And speaking of obstacles, there will be more ways to crash, more objects to crash into, and a variety of objectives to complete this time around.

The team is also expanding the variety of arenas and tracks you'll crash across, including freeways based on the U.S.A., along with motorways from the U.K., and roads from Spain, totaling 17 different locations for players to visit and 26 different levels to complete. Thanks to the realistic physics properties from the Unreal Engine 4, the team has improved the crash mechanics and upgraded the vehicular handling in the game.

Additionally, the team is also developing what it claims is the "most ambitious title to date" for the studio called Dangerous Driving. It's a throwback game to old-school arcade racing, presumably like Atari's Hard Drivin'? Details on Dangerous Driving weren't shared just yet, but expect more info to appear after the team launches Danger Zone 2 in July for Xbox One, PS4 and PC for $19.99

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