Fans have been asking Dontnod Entertainment about Life Is Strange and what would come next ever since the first season ended on the cliffhanger that it did. Fans were given a prequel in the form of Before The Storm, explaining the relationship between two key characters before the major storm featured in the main game, but now everyone is curious about what's going to happen with Life Is Strange 2 and when they'll be able to play it. After waiting months and months on end, fans of the teen-drama have finally been given some form of solace now that Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix have officially announced the release date for the first episode of Life Is Strange 2, which is due out at the end of September.

The official reveal date for the first episode dropped in a short 20 second trailer over on the Life Is Strange YouTube channel. The first episode will be available starting September 27th, 2018 for home consoles and PC.

The trailer itself doesn't reveal a darn thing about the game... or does it?

The trailer reveals the stitching of the logo on what looks like a backpack, so we know for a fact that the game will still be themed around kids in school, likely high school, just like the first season of Life Is Strange, which focused on Blackwell Academy student Max Caulfield.

What's interesting about the backpack is that it's tattered and ragged, and it appears to have either a bullet hole or a deep gash in it at the bottom right hand corner, indicating that some sort of violent transgression seems to have taken place over the course of this carrying pack's lifespan. The upper left hand corner also has a slash, either from the common practice of wear and tear or from someone specifically slicing that part of the cloth. It's fascinating that something as simple as a worn and weathered backpack could have so much story to it even while it's doing nothing but sitting there. It definitely leaves you questioning what's going on there.

Of course, the trailer itself doesn't give anything away. It's all clandestine and mysterious, forcing gamers to have to fish through every available resource possible in order to claw and scrape for additional information on Life Is Strange 2.

Dontnod Entertainment notes in the YouTube description of the trailer that full details for the first episode won't arrive until two months from now in August. We don't know when in August the details will be made available, just that they will arrive at some point during that time.

Ahead of the launch of Life Is Strange 2's first episode gamers will be able to play through a free release of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which takes place within the same world and will work as a prequel of sorts to the first episode. What's more is that Dontnod confirmed that choices you make throughout The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will carry over and affect the story outcomes in Life Is Strange 2 when it releases on September 27th, 2018.

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