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After a week long delay, lots of anticipation, plenty of stress, an untold amount of tweets, and more discussion threads than the Lost finale, Epic Games finally released the highly awaited Playground LTM. The new mode was originally supposed to go live last week but was hit with multiple delays, and then gamers had to search over the weekend for any additional word about the new mode for Fortnite. But, Epic finally delivered on the long awaited mode that gamers have been looking forward to ever since the company first announced that a brand new addition was coming.

The news came via a tweet from the official Fortnite Twitter account. The tweet reveals that gamers can finally hop into the new Playground LTM and experience all the fun that was originally supposed to go live last week.

Over on the Reddit thread for Fortnite, the update post explains that after going through some hiccups, the team finally ironed out the servers and improved the matchmaking so that the Playground LTM works as intended.

You will have to go into the regional settings and make sure you highlight "auto select" and verify that you're on the proper regional channel so that the matchmaking can hook you up with the right set of gamers (something that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players continue to complain about to this very day).

Interestingly enough, Epic also noted that the Playground Limited Time Mode will also receive a developer postmortem for everyone interested in learning more about the technical hurdles that Epic had to overcome in working on the mode and how the team had to get it up and working while racing against the clock and attempting to overcome the week long delay.

Initially, the Playground LTM was supposed to go live for Fortnite last week. Briefly, the mode was live and gamers were able to hop in and test out the functionality. However, things didn't quite go over so well and the team had to announce a day later that the Playground LTM had to be postponed.

Epic attempted to get it up and running before the weekend but it was all to no avail, and the team had to eventually spend the weekend working around the clock on testing the matchmaking functionality and trying to get the Playground LTM servers as stable as possible before going live.

Over the weekend, Epic confirmed that it would be addressing the Playground LTM issue on Monday morning. And, later on in the day, the company confirmed that the mode had gone live for Fortnite users.

After the not-so-long wait over the course of the week, fans and eager gamers are now able to jump in and see what all the fuss is about. Fortnite is currently available right now to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and on the Xbox One.