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WWE recently made a huge announcement for the upcoming WWE 2K19 video game due out later this year. After signing one of the biggest UFC stars in the history of mixed martial arts, and having her debut at Wrestlemania this past year against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, WWE is now proudly announcing that, in partnership with 2K Games, gamers will be able to play as Ronda Rousey for the very first time in an official WWE 2K title. The news is pretty huge, confirming that Ronda Rousey will be playable in WWE 2K19. Rousey joins the very small and illustrious group of superstars who have managed to hold a UFC championship belt, compete at Wrestlemania, and be featured in a WWE game. Take a look at the announcement, below:

Over on the official WWE YouTube channel the company posted a short vignette featuring Ronda Rousey entering a locker room. We hear the late "Rowdy" Roddy Piper telling Ronda that she can do great things and inspire a lot of people in the WWE. We see Roddy's signature leather jacket, and Ronda's custom red kilt and white top that reads "Rowdy" on it.

After gearing up we then see Ronda exiting the locker room and the trailer reveals that if you pre-order the game you get to play as Ronda Rousey. The news was met with mixed results by fans, but not for the reasons you think.

You see, a lot of people want to play as Ronda, but they don't want to pre-order WWE 2K19. This creates a bit of a conundrum, as there are plenty of people in comment section asking about Ronda as a playable character.

Some explain that most of all the pre-order DLC is eventually made available for purchase down the line after the game releases. Others chimed in to confirm that most pre-order DLC just makes it so the characters are automatically unlocked on the roster at the start of the game and you don't have to play through the modes to unlock the characters.

Back in the day, this is how secret characters used to be implemented into games. You would play through and complete certain objectives to unlock the character. Fire Pro games and many of the old THQ WWF games were designed so that beating the career modes or winning certain matches would unlock new roster entries.

For a lot of the newer WWE 2K games you can bypass the grind and simply pay to unlock the characters by pre-ordering the game. Ronda also joins Rey Mysterio as a pre-order bonus for this year's WWE 2K19.

Some gamers aren't too thrilled with having to pre-order just to play as one of their favorite UFC and WWE superstars, but, even still, many can't wait to use her new moveset for their own characters in the game. I imagine plenty of gamers will likely buckle under their own anticipation and pre-order the game anyway just to unlock the UFC hall of famer and current WWE superstar.

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