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The first season of Netflix's Castlevania is about to be unleashed upon the world, no longer tethered to its streaming home. Thanks to a partnership with Viz Media, we can now confirm that a physical edition is on the way. So if you've ever wanted to introduce the series to a friend who doesn't have Netflix, or perhaps just have a copy sitting on the shelf, your prayers will soon be answered.

A lot of good gaming news is coming out of San Diego Comic-Con, including fresh details on everything from The Walking Dead to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The same goes for Netflix news, including information on upcoming animated series like Disenchantment and The Dragon Prince. At the crossroads of those two categories is Castlevania, a Netflix animated series based on a video game. The first season of the show received a lot of praise when it launched last year and, according to a recent tweet from Viz Media, you'll soon be able to add it to your physical collection.

Netflix is no stranger to bringing its properties to physical media, releasing popular shows like Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things and its various Marvel properties on Blu-ray/DVD on a regular basis. Still, not every Netflix show can be viewed outside of the streaming service, which is why this Castlevania announcement is such good news. While Viz has given us no additional details outside of the fact that a physical edition is on the way, that's probably enough to tide fans over for the time being.

Originally planned as a series of movies, it was later decided that Castlevania has the kind of legs that would make it perfect for an ongoing series instead. The series kicked off on the Nintendo back in the 80's and has more than a dozen entries at this point, many of which hop through various points throughout history where the Belmont clan and other do-gooders attempt to overthrow the dark lord, Dracula. There's a lot of meat on those bones, in other words, and plenty of interesting directions a show could choose to take the story.

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If you watched the first season, the fact that it was originally going to be a movie should come as no surprise. That season is just four episodes long and, watched at once, those episodes make a heck of a lot more sense as a single tale. That's why we're so excited about the second season, which is due out later this year and has eight episodes. Warren Ellis is still heading the writing team and, in case you're curious, a third season has already been greenlit by Netflix, too.

In other words, Netflix sees potential in the show, which is probably why they're going forward with a physical release. We figure it will be timed somewhere around the launch of the second season on the streaming service but, of course, we still don't have a date for that debut, either.

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