During this year's E3 there were a number of games that were announced for a number of platforms, some of which were brand new intellectual properties, including but not limited to Remedy Entertainment's Control and Square Enix's The Quiet Man. Both games couldn't be more dissimilar, not just in the content but also how they were announced and promoted. Remedy is constantly updating gamers on what to expect from Control while Square Enix has done the opposite, teasing gamers with a lot of hints but not giving out any details about the game's plot or characters. In the latest trailer that Square released for The Quiet Man, we get to see a little bit more of the game in action but we still have no idea what the actual game is about or what the details of the story are.

The 47 second trailer was posted on the Square Enix YouTube channel. It starts with the obvious ESRB rating letting you know that the game will have strong language, drug references, blood and intense violence. So, it's quite obvious that it's an action game aimed at the sort of audience who loves some good 'ole fashioned action.

The trailer shows the main character walk up to a lounge and then pull down his hoody. He looks sad and vexed. We then see a woman singing in the lounge and some men with a baton come in to get her. A fight ensues and the singer is captured by the men in the masks. We get several quick clips of some sort of flashback with the main character screaming, a drawing of some man in a dark robe, and a tagline saying "Silence Rings Loudest." The trailer rounds out with a shot of a window pane while it rains outside, and later a brief glimpse of the robed figure with the bone mask.

There's a ton of symbolism featured in The Quiet Man's trailer and it's tough to know where to start with breaking it all down. First of all, we have to talk about the fact that the game uses mixed media content to tell its story, shifting between 3D rendered gameplay and live-action actors, a little bit like Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break.

It's hard to tell exactly where the live-action ends and where the gameplay starts, but the trailer attempts to give the impression that it's going to be seamless.

And, while the trailer is completely devoid of making any kind of sense in terms of detailing the story or outlining the character motivations, we do get to see some awesome fight sequences. The fights look like they're all done in real-time 3D where players are in control. It looks well done and very dynamic. It's hard to draw comparisons to other games, but it looks like a more realistic version of Shenmue or a more martial arts-heavy rendition of Uncharted.

Now, one thing we do know is that the main character is apparently deaf, so this explains the muted sounds in the trailer. How this will play a role in the game, we still don't know. But, it appears as if this will be a fairly significant aspect of the story.

I still have no idea what the core of the gameplay is like, but Square Enix is doing a fine job of keeping gamers guessing about The Quiet Man. The game is scheduled to launch soon for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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