Rainbow Six

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege is still going strong. I know, it's an odd thing to write about a game that's going on three years old, yet here we are. Most games that are that old but still appear in the news is because of some major controversy or because of some major update. Thankfully for Ubisoft, it's due to major updates, and Rainbow Six Siege is due to receive yet another major update this year. The studio revealed that the competitive first-person shooter that centers around destructible environments will receive two brand new playable operators as part of the Operation Grim Sky DLC expansion due to release for home consoles and PC.

Gamespot is reporting that the operators are Maverick and Clash, an attacker and a defender. As the class names suggest, one is used to attack enemy posts while the other is used to defend fellow teammates.

Maverick is an attacker and comes with a blowtorch tool that can be used to burn through reinforced walls without alerting enemies silently. This is highly useful for getting through areas where enemies have blockaded the route with a reinforced barricade and have attempted to create a narrow corridor in order to corral opponents through entry/exit. Maverick can be used to disrupt those plans by taking down the blockade and creating a new pathway for teammates. The article notes that Maverick's blowtorch may be silent, but it's also not very speedy, so you'll be there for a while burning a hole through walls.

Clash is the opposite of Maverick, and is a defender. You'll use Clash during breaches or to help safeguard downed teammates or provide flanking cover fire using her shield. The shield can be fully extended once it's equipped, and while it can definitely deflect or reduce incoming damage, Clash is unable to use firearms while the shield is protracted. Like other defenders on Rainbow Six Siege's roster, she can still utilize offensive skills by using an electricity debuff that slows down enemies and deals a small amount of damage. I imagine this is going to be used a lot for crowd-control tactics, where opponents can setup a breach using Maverick to burn a hole through a wall and then have Clash ready to absorb enemy fire while using the electricity shot to stun them briefly, and then have the rest of the team incapacitate the foes.

The two operators joining the roster is standard practice for Ubisoft, who has been rolling out new updates for Rainbow Six Siege on a regular basis. The developers have even been mixing up the gameplay by creating PvE-style content in addition to new PvP maps. Both of the operators may be part of the new DLC set to release in September, but they won't be the only new additions to the game.

According to the article, there will be a rework of the Consulate map, adding new wall placement opportunities and tweaking some of the engagement points. The Hereford Base is also getting a rework, making it more streamlined and dynamic for PvP encounters in the first-person shooter, as well as increasing some of the strategic choke-points.

The DLC will enter into a test server starting August 20th, and after having the kinks ironed out, you can expect the new content to arrive in Rainbow Six Siege starting in September.

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