The Voice Of NBA Jam Is Coming To Dota 2 And We Can't Wait

Valve may get a ton of flak for not making Half-Life 3, for not talking about a possibility of making Portal 3, for leaving us hanging with Left 4 Dead 2, and for basically letting Team Fortress 2 rack up a ton of cash through hats, but the company has moved into an area where it allows the community to put out some really fresh content for some of its games, including Dota 2. In fact, the latest community update for the multiplayer online battle arena game will feature the unexpected guest commentator from NBA Jam. Yes, things are about to catch fire in the most glorious ways imaginable thanks to a new Dota 2 mod.

The mod is being created by SprayRate, and they made a demo available over on the Steam Workshop page. It features announcement clips from none other than Tim Kitzrow, who became synonymous with some of Midway Games' most beloved arcade sports franchises, such as the original NBA Jam from the 1990s, and NFL Blitz from the 2000s.

In the trailer above you get to hear Kitzrow giving custom play-by-play commentary for Dota 2. He does the introduction by changing the name to "Dota Jam," and offers gamers some insights while they battle through the map.

Throughout the trailer we hear very similar catchphrases that Kitzrow used in the popular arcade titles that Midway produced, including dropping a "Ka-Boom!" when a player performs an explosive attack. And yes, he even goes so far as to use the "Boom Shakala!" phrase that was oh-so-popular during the NBA Jam days of old.

What's really impressive with the implementation of the commentary is how on-point it is to what's actually happening on-screen. The commentary takes place right down the micro-second, especially when certain characters charge up attacks and then let loose with the final blow. I was really impressed with the timing of the implementation.

Another good example of the timing is when players catch fire, and Kitzrow accurately calls out beforehand that they're heating up, and then once the fire buff is fully activated Kitzrow accurately announces "He's on fire!"

Now, take note that this isn't the full version of the mod itself. As pointed out over on the Steam Workshop page, right now the version that you can download for Dota 2 is just a demo, containing some of the lines from Kitzrow.

According to the Steam Workshop page the modders plan on including certain phrases for the MOBA mod, but they need help from the community. They're currently taking votes and voice line suggestions on what to include in the full version of the mod. Once voting and line suggestions are complete, there are plans to launch the full version of the mod this fall.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.