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Trying to keep millions of players happy and engaged in a game for more than just a few months is no easy task. Heck, games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds got off to a hot start last year, but after numerous performance and optimization issues plagued the game throughout the year, it found itself losing a lot of its playerbase, giving Epic ample opportunity to swoop in and pick up the Battle Royale audience with Fortnite. Blizzard managed to steal some of the thunder from Valve's Team Fortress 2 in a similar way with Overwatch when it released in 2016, but, so far, no company has been able to take the team-based PvP crown from Blizzard's title... yet. The reason that Blizzard has been able to maintain some dominance in the ever-crowded FPS field is because the company has been regularly pumping out a lot of new content for Overwatch, including the brand new Busan map that is currently playable right now.

Game Informer is reporting that the new Busan map set in South Korea is currently available. The map is loosely based on what was presented in the short film that Blizzard rolled out for one of the game's most popular heroes, D.Va. The short film gave gamers and fans of the character a small piece of backstory into her transition from a video game eSports player into becoming a mech-manning operative of the Overwatch hero division.

The map is set around temple grounds, featuring a large open space inside the temple where meditation pads litter the floor and pillars stand erect on both the left and right sides in a column, providing some strategic areas for cover fire or launching flanking attacks.

Just outside the temple there are some pathways with stairs that lead up into and around the temple walls, providing more strategic conduits for attacking or defending certain areas.

A giant turtle statue sits just out front of the temple with what appears to be a large drum on its back. This is likely going to be one of the key chokepoints where teams will meet and battle.

There's also a completely separate area of the map, where we see a fly-through of a high-tech hangar featuring various colored mech suits not unlike the one that D.Va operates in the game. There are also additional rooms to explore in the new Overwatch Control map, including a command center, a loading bay, and a lounge, which features a mock video game that appears to be a hand-drawn fighting rendition of Heroes of the Storm, almost reminiscent of Capcom's older Street Fighter games.

We also see some of the habitats where the residents stay just before getting a glimpse at downtown Busan, where cars are parked along the street, trees stand tall at commercial centers where karaoke clubs and arcades are present, including what looks like a futuristic PC gaming cafe.

The map is quite large and should give fans of Overwatch plenty to indulge in as far as new content is concerned. Additionally, Blizzard has updated the game so that now allies can see each other through the walls so they know where they are and can further strategically setup attacking maneuvers or defensive plays.

The new update is available right now for the first-person shooter on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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