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Blizzard has made it an annual tradition to bring Overwatch fans seasonal events. Every Christmas you can expect something festive and cheerful, just the same as when we enter the sweltering swirl of heat produced during the middle of the year with the Summer Games. Well, for those who prefer something a little spookier, and a little edgier to round out their entertainment needs, Blizzard has the frightfully fun Halloween events held each year for the first-person team-based shooter. This year, the Halloween event is making a return and some of the details of said event have spilled out for public consumption.

The news dropped on the first of October during the drawing close of dawn, with the official Overwatch Twitter account posting the news. Attached to the tweet is a quick seven second video of a haunted mansion on the hill. It starts off during the day but after lightening strikes, it switches over to night and the dark abode becomes lit only by the lights on in the upper rooms and a glowing green portal at the base of the stairwell near the entryway. We then get the splash screen revealing that starting next week on October 9th and running through October 31st, the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 event will be making a return.

For those of you who don't remember, Blizzard also launched the Halloween Terror event last year, which centered around brand new player-vs-environment brawls. It lasted around the same time, from October 10th to November 1st. The event came with a number of new skins for several characters based on popular horror-themed icons, such as a Corsair skin for Ana, a Van Helsing skin for McCree, a Dragon skin for Symmetra, and a Cultist skin for Zenyatta.

Last year's event also featured two PvE brawls, one of which was a returning event from the previous year when Overwatch originally launched, including the Junkenstein's Revenge map, which saw four players defending the castle from various waves of bots. The second PvE brawl was Junkenstein Endless Brawl, featuring several other playable characters who had to fend off the map from other robots.

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Usually the events come with a smattering of new skins for certain characters. According to Dexerto, Doomfist will receive a Swamp Monster skin that's akin to something out of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The skin will be available starting October 9th, and like many other Overwatch event skins it will be classified in the Legendary category, which means that getting your hands on one won't be easy.

If you live in Belgium you won't be able to get your hands on the gear through premium loot boxes anyway, given that loot boxes are banned in the region. But, you should still be able to unlock the skin by just playing the game normally.

You can look for more skins to pop up and more details on the event to emerge as October 9th draws closer.