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While Epic Games may be receiving tons of cash and lots of publicity from Fortnite for the Battle Royale mode, which is nothing more than a last man standing match featuring 100 players, the reality is that the company has actually been building an interesting story around the game, and some new info points to how the current season may come to an end.

The news comes courtesy of data miners who have been scouring through the files of Fortnite after the latest update. The snippet from the mined data was posted on the Twitter account of Fortnite Leakage.

They reveal that within the game files there's a scenario that is set to run within the scenario folder called "DestroyTiltedTowers." As depicted in the image attached to the tweet, there is an Unreal Engine line within the system files that points to a call for a script that destroys the Tilted Towers within the game's map.

As noted by Fortnite Leakage, it was discovered that the lines have something to do with bots that can be configured to carry out scripted attacks. So, whatever happens will do so whether players attempt to prevent it or not.

This news was actually received with mixed results from the community. Some gamers speculated that this may not be a feature that appears in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, but that Epic may be experimenting with a new single-player mode or a mode featuring bots.

Others are convinced that the script will see the Tilted Towers take a fall as part of the season's story, which involved the next step in unveiling the mystery behind the cube that sunk into the lake and created new locations throughout the map.

Is it possible that at the end of the season or at the start of Season 7 we'll see the Tilted Towers take a tumble? The new season is set to get underway starting December 6th. This would mean that if what was found in the files is true, then the event would likely transpire in Fortnite at the start of the season.

Epic has been building out a rather fascinating story with the game, especially after Thanos made a guest appearance during the Avengers: Infinity War crossover.

As the story continues to unfold we're seeing some gamers sifting through the files to get clues on what could be coming down the pipeline, similar to when the data miners were tearing apart and opening up the files in Pokemon Go in order to find out what was coming next for the mobile game.

Then again, this could all be a misdirection from Epic Games and the team could be working on something completely different for Fortnite and the whole Tilted Towers script is just a red herring to throw the data miners off. Maybe? We'll likely find out once the new season gets underway for the very popular third-person shooter.