It's safe to say that a lot of people aren't terribly impressed with Fallout 76. The game has a buffet of problems that Bethesda has been slow to address (or quick to create solutions for), but the company is attempting to strike peace with its players by offering them free Fallout games in exchange for their loyalty to the product.

On December 22nd, 2018 Bethesda sent out a tweet from the official Twitter account, wishing gamers a happy holidays and informing the community that anyone who is logged into Fallout 76 before 2018 ends will be entitled to receive a free Fallout Classic Collection on PC. What's weird is that the collection will also be available for free on PC for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners as well, but the tweet doesn't fully detail how that will work. We do know that the entitlement(s) will begin rolling out next month at the start of the new year in January.

I wasn't the only one to notice that console gamers would be receiving three free PC titles. In fact, the very first comment on the thread is asking what PS4 and Xbox One gamers are supposed to be doing with a game collection without a gaming PC? Someone promptly responds by saying that the games are so old you'll be able to play them on a tablet with ease or any single-core laptop. Basically, even the most potato of potato PCs will be able to play the _Fallout Classic Collection. _

After gamers get the platforming issue all cleared up, the discussion then centers around whether or not the collection is an adequate response to all of the other issues Fallout 76 players have had to endure, including many of the bugs and glitches that are still present in the game and have been there since its release. Or the fact that the people who paid for the Power Armor Edition of the game ended up getting shortchanged with the canvas bag -- although, Bethesda is working on attempting to rectify that problem. There's also the issue with all the people who were inadvertently doxed simply by using Bethesda's support system.

There's a lot of animosity right now from some gamers toward Bethesda for how much Fallout 76 has failed to meet even the most basic of expectations. However, there are also plenty of people who are just thankful that a game like that exists.

A few more are also grateful for having the opportunity to receive the three free classic games, including the original Fallout, Fallout: Tactics, and Fallout 2.

If you enjoyed the original turn-based, isometric, tactical post-apocalyptic games from back in the 1990s then you will probably be looking forward to the collection as compensation for dealing with all of the issues that have plagued Fallout 76. I tend to doubt it will absolve any of the potential class action lawsuits, and it won't really fix the problem that the people suffered when they were doxed, but three free games are still three free games.

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