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While lots of people are celebrating Christmas by opening presents or hoping that they've received the latest PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, or Nintendo Switch under the tree, there are some gamers who are just happy to be able to play a free demo of an upcoming game... like Undead Horde.

The announcement for the demo came via a trailer that was posted up over on the Worth Playing YouTube channel. The trailer gives gamers a very brief look at the gameplay through the Christmas-themed rendition of the RTS hack-and-slash game, Undead Horde. It's not just a trailer promoting the holiday themed gameplay for 10Tons' upcoming title, it's actually a gateway to getting your hands on a free demo.

If you follow the link over to the itch.io page, you'll be greeted with the opportunity to download the free holiday demo of Undead Horde. The demo is really tiny, only 88MB. You can grab the zip file or exe from the page and install it in its own directory, giving you access to a necromancer version of Santa and his skeletal elves.

The main objective of the demo centers around you needing to slay Saint Nicholas in Xmasland. This includes gathering your forces, facing off against the elves in combat, and then using the power of necromancy to bring the elves back as part of your undead horde.

That's part of the hook of the game. It's a lot like other real-time strategy games, but unlike Warcraft or Dungeon Keeper, the greater the enemy forces are, the greater the opportunity to build up a huge army of your own.

There's also a pillage and destruction element to the game, where you take your undead forces and raze villages to the ground. This also carries over into the full version of Undead Horde, which has gameplay that fleshes out to 10 full hours across a single-player campaign mode.

The free demo gives you a small taste of what the full real-time strategy title will feature, and will introduce you to many of the basics of the gameplay, such as heading to cemeteries or graveyards to build your army, as well as getting acclimated to the hack-and-slash style gameplay in addition to being able to command your forces.

The campaign is themed around conquering the land, collecting items to upgrade your army, and strategically finding ways to thwart your foes. It reminds me of a more action-oriented version of Creative Assembly's Total War: Warhammer.

You can get your hands on the free demo right now. The full version of the game is still heavy in development, but 10Tons has plans on releasing the game on Steam for PC at some point during the first quarter of 2019.