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If you’re catching this story across the gaming news wire and you feel like you have a game that could earn (or win) you some cash then now is the time to get it out there to the public.

2BeeGames recently sent out an additional press notice indicating that the Indie Game Competition submission deadline has been extended to September 15th. This gives wannabe-master game designers two weeks to show off their unseen talents and hidden creativity.

If you want to give birth to the next big indie game and earn $10,000 for first place or $5,000 for second place, then simply drop by the Official 2BeeGames Website for all the rules and regulations. After that the only thing keeping you from winning is a few lines of code and a few digits of artwork.

In addition to this news GamersGate is also holding their own little 8-bit event of sorts and you can check that out at the Official GamersGate Website. For more gaming news, updates, info and media be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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