If you enjoyed the racing games that were made available on the PS2 nearly two generations ago, you'll be really impressed with the next-generation of mobile graphics technology that allows handheld smartphones to emulate PS2 equivalent graphics... all for your interactive entertainment pleasures.

2K Games recently announced that their upcoming mobile exclusive, 2K Drive, would be a startling entry in the continued experiment to bring high quality AAA titles to the mobile device.

The debut video above was released to a rather large mixed reaction of criticisms from gamers. Some argued that the PS2 quality graphics were a step up for mobile titles (though, it would seem a bit silly not to compare the graphics to Real Racing 3, which looks a heck of a lot better) others argued that the game would look a lot better if it were made for Android devices running the latest Nvidia Tegra chips.

Just for comparison purposes, you can check out the debut trailer Real Racing 3 to see how 2K Drive stacks up and whether or not either game could be considered a comparable title to today's current generation consoles:

After watching both trailers I can readily say that neither seems to be comparable to Forza Horizon or Gran Turismo 6. Although, compared to each other, I would have to give the visual edge to Real Racing 3 but the features and diversity edge to 2K Drive. 2K's title just seems to have a lot more going on for it on the outset of things and it looks like there are a variety of modes and vehicles to keep mobile gamers readily entertained once you boot it up.

However, I'm sure there are some mobile aficionados who are probably still readily convinced that the mobile games will be able to output graphics on par to the current gen consoles and since there isn't anything else to talk about regarding 2K Drive (since there isn't a lot of details to share anyway) I'll leave you with a trailer for Gran Turismo 6, which cleanly and clearly wipes the floor with its poor man's mobile rivals.
2K Drive by paying a visit to the official Facebook page.

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