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7 Days To Die Wants To Mix DayZ And Minecraft

There are plenty of open-world zombie games out there trying to best DayZ and plenty of sandbox building games trying to top Minecraft. 7 Days to Die, however, is trying to take elements of each game and put them together in one satisfying package.

7 Days to Die takes place in the year 2034. A nuclear attack has wiped out much of the world's population, and the few survivors have been afflicted with a mysterious virus. After seven days, these infected are turned into zombies. Players take on the role of survivors in Navizgane County, Arizona and try desperately not to become one of the undead.

Players will, along or with friends, explore an open-world to gather supplies such as food and weapons. They can also create equipment using parts found throughout the world. All the while, players will have to fight off zombies. Their skills in combat, crafting and stealth can be upgraded as they gain experience.

The game world is said to be fully buildable and fully destructible. Players are able to create their own fort to fend off the zombie horde or simply reinforce an existing building. They can even build their own world and share it with friends.

The idea of building fortifications and then fighting off zombie assaults is a strong one. Many upcoming games are trying to pull off this premise, including State of Decay and Fortnite. DayZ's standalone release will feature construction elements as well.

According to 7 Days' website, the alpha test will begin in July.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.